Sunday, October 15, 2006

Calm Before The Storm

Starting now, the next month will be the biggest ever for this blog. Don't forget to check back every day! Here's what you have to look forward to:

1) 2006 BASAs voting begins tonight, and starting October 23th the awards will be announced one per day on weekdays. Of course, I'll continue to post my normal blog content in addition to the results.

BASAs Results Schedule

10/23-Goalkeeper of the Year
10/24-Coach of the Year
10/25-Rookie of the Year
10/26-Defender of the Year
10/27-Young Player of the Year

10/30-Midfielder of the Year
10/31-Old Player of the Year
11/1-Forward of the Year
11/2-Favorite MLS Player
11/3-Most Annoying US Soccer Personality

11/6-Best XI
11/7-USMNT Player of the Year
11/8-MLS Player of the Year

2) Year end goal compilations. After I finish the week 29 comp, I will start on the year end comp featuring the best goals of 2006. I'm also working on doing individual team comps that will feature the top ten goals of 2006 for all 12 MLS teams. They'll all be packaged together in one big download, and I expect to post that this Wednesday.

3) 2006 MLS Lineup Database. Back for a second edition, this will be released right after the MLS Cup concudes on November 12th. If you aren't familiar, it includes the lineups, goalscorers, and results of every competitive match every MLS team has ever played, as well as individual games played and goal stats. I've been making some cosmetic changes to it for this year as well.

4) There will also be a plethora of year end reviews of 2006. Expect to see exactly how teams this season compared to their 2005 form, and how this year's bunch stacks up all time in MLS history. I also expect to update all the various stats stuff I posted midway through the season.

5) Can't forget about Tim Froh and In Limbo, which will continue to be posted every Thursday. He's done a good job. Personally I find it easier to write a stats post than to make a detailed analysis or "column" type post. I bet posting on message boards doesn't help. I actually wouldn't mind finding another person to write for the blog in a similar fashion. Can't be just anyone though.

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