Wednesday, November 01, 2006

BASAs: Forward of the Year

1st 2nd 3rd Points
1 Jeff Cunningham 12 3
2 Ante Razov 1 6 2 25
3 Jaime Moreno 1 1 3 11
4 Kenny Cooper 1 1 2 10
5 Carlos Ruiz
1 6 9
6 Brian Ching
7 Landon Donovan
8 Andy Herron

1 1
8 Taylor Twellman

1 1

(5-3-1 scoring system)

I expected Cunningham to win, but I really thought it would be much closer. Razov's quiet second half may have led to the large margin of victory. Still, he was only named on 9/15 ballots while Cunningham was on every one.

All the big scorers this season at least received a bit of support. The only forward with double digits in goals that didn't receive a vote was Scott Sealy. If Ching hadn't missed time with the World Cup and injury, he probably would've done better.

Last year's winner Twellman just barely even made the list, with only one third place vote.

Results Schedule

10/23-Goalkeeper of the Year (Troy Perkins)
10/24-Coach of the Year (Bob Bradley)
10/25-Rookie of the Year (Jonathan Bornstein)
10/26-Defender of the Year (Bobby Boswell)
10/27-Young Player of the Year (Kenny Cooper)

10/30-Midfielder of the Year (Christian Gomez)
10/31-Old Player of the Year (Jason Kreis)
11/1-Forward of the Year (Jeff Cunningham)
11/2-Favorite MLS Player
11/3-Most Annoying US Soccer Personality

11/6-Best XI
11/7-USMNT Player of the Year
11/8-MLS Player of the Year

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