Monday, February 23, 2009

CONCACAF Champions League & MLS: History

Updated for 2009. Not as much going on as normal for this time of the year with only one MLS team remaining, but the real fun starts in August. I definitely like the new tournament better, despite it seemingly being harder for American teams. Can Houston advance? Unlikely, though I do think Atlante is probably the best Mexican team to face. It'll also be interesting to see how Puerto Rico and Montreal (with that huge crowd) do.

Here's some of the most memorable moments in MLS CCL history:

1) Galaxy goalkeeper and part-time forward Jorge Campos scores a goal against Cruz Azul in the 1997 final. While LA lost 5-3, Campos became the only goalkeeper ever to score a goal for an MLS team (until Danny Cepero). He was playing at forward, so it really doesn't count. Still cool though.

2) In the 1998 quarterfinals, DC defeats Trinidad's Joe Public by a score of 8-0. That set a mark for the largest win for an MLS team that still stands today, and also for most goals scored. Roy Lassiter scored 4 of them. DC tied the mark themselves in the 2001 U.S. Open Cup versus New Jersey with the same scoreline.

3) Two games after the 8-0 thrashing, DC defeats Toluca 1-0 on an Eddie Pope goal to become the first MLS team to win the tournment. Amazing how many of their greatest wins involved goals from the soon to be legendary USA defender (1996 MLS Cup, 1996 U.S. Open Cup final, 1998 Copa Interamericana).

4) In 2001, DC United and Los Angeles squared off in the semifinals to determine which team would advance to the World Club Championship later that year. LA won on penalties. Sure, the tournament was canceled, but it was a pretty huge deal at the time. I think they still got some money out of it though.

5) Two days later, the Galaxy beat Honduras' Olimpia 3-2 to become the second and final MLS team to win the tournament behind two goals from Ezra Hendrickson. Great performances from Hendrickson, Cobi Jones, and Mauricio Cienfuegos.

6) 2002. Kansas City becomes the first and only MLS team to this day to defeat a Mexican team in a two leg series, beating Santos Laguna 3-2 on aggregate. They won 2-0 at home after losing 1-2 away.

7) The Chicago Fire lose their opening leg of the 2004 quarterfinals to freaking San Juan Jabloteh from Trinidad by a score of 5-2. Future MLS player Cornell Glen scores a hat trick. But, they recover to win the home leg 4-0 and advance behind two goals from Dipsy Selolwane and a 90th minute winner from Chris Armas. Great comeback.

8) On the same day in 2006, LA and New England both lose heartbreakers, and for the first time no MLS teams advance in the tournament. Saprissa comes back from two goals down to defeat the Galaxy in extra time, while the Revs concede a late goal to another Costa Rican team Alajuelense. The low point for MLS participation in the tournament, IMO.

9) NE 0:4 Joe Public, 2008. Way to roll over and die. Then there was Chivas losing to a Panamanian team. But...

10) At least Houston showed well by advancing, with that great 4:4 draw at Pumas. The first point ever for an MLS team in Mexico. Now let's get a win.

Here's the complete history of MLS in this tournament. Note: Qualifying games like the ones Colorado and LA played in the 90s are not included. However, the preliminary round games that are a part of the new Champions League are included (as they're considered part of the official tournament).

Alltime Records

DC United 32 13 12 7 46 50 48 2
Chicago 11 6 3 2 20 18 14 4
Houston 14 5 4 5 20 18 19 -1
Los Angeles 12 4 4 4 16 17 19 -2
San Jose 8 5 3 0 15 10 12 -2
Kansas City 8 3 3 2 11 9 11 -2
Columbus 4 2 2 0 6 6 8 -2
New England 6 1 4 1 4 4 12 -8
Chivas USA 2 0 1 1 1 1 3 -2

Top Goalscorers

Emilio, Luciano 6
Lassiter, Roy 6
Buddle, Edson 4
Ching, Brian 4
Gomez, Christian 4
Kovalenko, Dema 4
Talley, Carey 4
De Rosario, Dwayne 3
Donovan, Landon 3
Hurtado, Eduardo 3
McTavish, Devon 3
Moreno, Jaime 3
Olsen, Ben 3
Razov, Ante 3
Wondolowski, Chris 3
Wood, A.J. 3
Brown, Chris 2
Doe, Francis 2
Dyachenko, Rod 2
Etcheverry, Marco 2
Hendrickson, Ezra 2
Jones, Cobi 2
Kamara, Kei 2
Lagos, Manny 2
Lalas, Alexi 2
Mullan, Brian 2
Pope, Eddie 2
Selolwane, Dipsy 2
Waibel, Craig 2
Agoos, Jeff 1
Albright, Chris 1
Armas, Chris 1
Bocanegra, Carlos 1
Burciaga, Jose 1
Burns, Mike 1
Campos, Jorge 1
Castro, Mauricio 1
Corrales, Ramiro 1
Cunningham, Jeff 1
Curtin, Jim 1
Dalglish, Paul 1
Diaz Arce, Raul 1
Erpen, Facundo 1
Eskandarian, Alecko 1
Fabbro, Dario 1
Fred 1
Gardner, Josh 1
Glasgow, Gary 1
Gomez, Francisco 1
Gray, Kelly 1
Gros, Josh 1
Harris, Wolde 1
Holden, Stuart 1
Iroha, Ben 1
Janicki, Greg 1
Kosecki, Roman 1
Lisi, Mark 1
Mapp, Justin 1
Marsch, Jesse 1
Martino, Kyle 1
Mulrooney, Richard 1
Noonan, Pat
Pineda Chacon, Alex 1
Preki 1
Ralph, Damani 1
Ruiz, Carlos 1
Russell, Ian 1
Twellman, Taylor 1
Vanney, Greg 1
Walker, Jamil 1
Welton 1
Williams, Andy 1

Most Games Played

Moreno, Jaime 19
De Rosario, Dwayne 19
Agoos, Jeff 17
Olsen, Ben 17
Barrett, Wade 16
Waibel, Craig 15
Namoff, Bryan 15
Mulrooney, Richard 15
Simms, Clyde 15
Mullan, Brian 15
Boswell, Bobby 13
Talley, Carey 13
Ching, Brian 13
Williams, Richie 12
Onstad, Pat 12
Clark, Ricardo 12
Jones, Cobi 12
Wells, Zach 12
Robinson, Eddie 12
Armas, Chris 11
Pope, Eddie 11
Etcheverry, Marco 11
Emilio, Luciano 11
McTavish, Devon 11
Gray, Kelly 11
Brown, C.J. 10
Ashe, Corey 10
Hartman, Kevin 10
Llamosa, Carlos 10
Burch, Marc 10
Walker, Jamil 10

MLS Teams in the CONCACAF Champions Cup

1997 (final tournament held in Washington D.C.)


Los Angeles 4:1 Santos Laguna

Jorge Campos, Danny Pena, Robin Fraser, Paul Caligiuri, Greg Vanney, Martin Machon-1, Guillermo Jara (Gerardo Laterza 85), Cobi Jones, Harut Karapetyan (Welton-1 76), Mauricio Cienfuegos-1, Eduardo Hurtado-1


D.C. United 1:0 United Petrotrin

Scott Garlick, David Vaudreuil, Mario Gori (Eddie Pope 60), Jeff Agoos, Carlos Llamosa, Richie Williams, John Harkes, Marco Etcheverry-1, Roy Wegerle, Tony Sanneh, Raul Diaz Arce (Jesse Marsch 90)

Los Angeles 2:0 Luis Angel Firpo

Jorge Campos, Paul Caligiuri, Danny Pena, Jose Vasquez, Martin Machon, Greg Vanney, Gerardo Laterza (Kevin Hartman 46), Cobi Jones, Guillermo Jara (Welton-1 34), Harut Karapetyan (Peter Lak 62), Eduardo Hurtado-1


D.C. United 0:1 Los Angeles

Tom Presthus, David Vaudreuil (Brian Kamler 76), Eddie Pope, Jeff Agoos, John Maessner (Marco Etcheverry 46), Kris Kelderman (Jaime Moreno 46), Richie Williams, Ben Iroha, John Harkes, Raul Diaz Arce, Tony Sanneh

Jorge Campos, Paul Caligiuri, Danny Pena, Robin Fraser, Greg Vanney, Chris Armas (Ezra Hendrickson 57), Martin Machon (Peter Lak 88), Cobi Jones-1, Mauricio Cienfuegos, Jose Botello, Eduardo Hurtado

3rd Place

D.C. United 2:2 Guadalajara

Scott Garlick, David Vaudreuil, Clint Peay (Carlos Llamosa 75), Jeff Agoos, Mario Gori (Brian Kamler 88), Richie Williams, John Maessner (Ben Iroha-1 64), Tony Sanneh, Marco Etcheverry, Jaime Moreno, Raul Diaz Arce-1


Los Angeles 3:5 Cruz Azul

Jorge Campos-1, Paul Caligiuri, Dan Calichman, Robin Fraser, Greg Vanney, Cobi Jones, Martin Machon (Ezra Hendrickson 73), Danny Pena, Mauricio Cienfuegos (Jose Botello 22), Chris Armas (Kevin Hartman 46), Eduardo Hurtado-2

1998 (final tournament held in Washington D.C.)


Colorado 1:0 Leon

Marcus Hahnemann, Sean Henderson, Peter Vermes, Steve Trittschuh, Chris Martinez, Chris Henderson, Tahj Jakins, Ross Paule (Joey DiGiamarino 87), Adrian Paz, Waldir (Marcelo Balboa-1 71), Wolde Harris (Marquis White 71)

Leon 4:2 Colorado

Marcus Hahnemann, Sean Henderson, Peter Vermes, Steve Trittschuh-1, Chris Martinez, Chris Henderson, Marcelo Balboa, Paul Bravo-1, Ross Paule (Marquis White 70), Jason Boyce (Joey DiGiamarino 58), Wolde Harris (Waldir 60)


D.C. United 8:0 Joe Public

Tom Presthus, Carey Talley (A.J. Wood-2 65), John Harkes, Brian Kamler, Jaime Moreno (Carlos Llamosa 46), Marco Etcheverry (Mike Slivinski 50), Jeff Agoos, Ben Olsen-2, Roy Lassiter-4, Richie Williams, Eddie Pope


D.C. United 2:0 Leon

Scott Garlick, Carlos Llamosa (Carey Talley 46), Eddie Pope, Brian Kamler, Jeff Agoos, John Harkes, Ben Olsen, Richie Williams, Jaime Moreno, Marco Etcheverry, Roy Lassiter-2


D.C. United 1:0 Toluca

Scott Garlick, Carey Talley, John Harkes, Brian Kamler, Jaime Moreno (Carlos Llamosa 76), Marco Etcheverry, Jeff Agoos, Ben Olsen, Roy Lassiter, Richie Williams, Eddie Pope-1

1999 (final tournament held in Las Vegas)


Los Angeles 1:1 Necaxa (AET, 3-4 pens)

Kevin Hartman, Ezra Hendrickson-1 (Steve Jolley 106), Paul Caligiuri, Robin Fraser, Greg Vanney, Zak Ibsen (Marvin Quijano 73), Danny Pena, Mauricio Cienfuegos, Simon Elliott (Joe Franchino 106), Cobi Jones, Calros Hermosillo


D.C. United 1:0 Olimpia

Tom Presthus, Diego Sonora, Eddie Pope, Carlos Llamosa, Jeff Agoos, Ben Olsen, Richie Williams, John Maessner (Carey Talley 58), Marco Etcheverry, Jaime Moreno-1, Roy Lassiter

Chicago 2:0 Joe Public

Zach Thornton, C.J. Brown, Lubos Kubik, Francis Okaroh, Chris Armas (Sam George 86), Jesse Marsch, Diego Gutierrez, Jerzy Podbrozny, Peter Nowak, Roman Kosecki (Dema Kovalenko-1 76), Ante Razov-1 (Paul Dougherty 80)


D.C. United 1:3 Necaxa

Tom Presthus, Diego Sonora, Eddie Pope (Chris Albright 69), Carlos Llamosa, Jeff Agoos, Ben Olsen, Carey Talley-1, Richie Williams, Marco Etcheverry, Roy Lassiter (A.J. Wood 19), Jaime Moreno

Chicago 1:1 Alajuenense (AET, 4-5 pens)

Zach Thornton, Francis Okaroh, C.J. Brown, Lubos Kubik, Chris Armas, Jesse Marsch (Paul Dougherty 87), Diego Gutierrez, Jerzy Podbrozny, Peter Nowak (Dema Kovalenko 61), Roman Kosecki-1 (Sam George 91), Ante Razov

3rd Place

D.C. United 2:2 Chicago

Mark Simpson, Carey Talley, Geoff Aunger, Curt Onalfo, Judah Cooks, Jason Moore, Michael Slivinski, John Maessner, Antonio Otero-1, A.J. Wood-1 (Ben Olsen 46), Chris Albright

Greg Sutton, C.J. Brown, John Ball, Andrew Lewis, Tom Soehn, Sam George, Paul Dougherty, Chris Armas (Jesse Marsch-1 46), Dema Kovalenko, Jerzy Podbrozny (Ante Razov-1 64), Frank Klopas

2000 (final tournament held in Los Angeles, in January 2001)


D.C. United 2:1 Alajuenense

Mark Simpson, Carey Talley-1, Eddie Pope, Carlos Llamosa, Jeff Agoos, Ben Olsen-1, Richie Williams, Marco Etcheverry, Bobby Convey, Jaime Moreno (Greg Simmonds 62), Chris Albright

Los Angeles 0:0 Real Espana (AET, 5-3 pens)

Kevin Hartman, Greg Vanney, Alexi Lalas, Paul Caligiuri, Zak Ibsen (Brian Kelly 74), Ezra Hendrickson, Simon Elliot, Peter Vagenas, Mauricio Cienfuegos, Cobi Jones, Adam Frye (Sasha Victorine 71)


Los Angeles 1:1 D.C. United (AET, 4-2 pens)

Kevin Hartman, Ezra Hendrickson, Paul Caligiuri, Alexi Lalas, Zak Ibsen (Brian Kelly 88), Greg Vanney-1, Peter Vagenas, Mauricio Cienfuegos, Simon Elliott, Cobi Jones, Adam Frye (Sasha Victorine 62)

Mark Simpson, Carey Talley, Eddie Pope (Mark Watson 46), Carlos Llamosa, Jeff Agoos, Ben Olsen, Richie Williams, Marco Etcheverry-1, Bobby Convey, Chris Albright, A.J. Wood

3rd Place

D.C. United 1:2 Pachuca

Tom Presthus, Carey Talley-1, Mark Watson, Jeff Agoos, Carlos Llamosa, Richie Williams, Bobby Convey, Jose Alegria, Eric Denton, A.J. Wood (Judah Cooks 80), Greg Simmonds (Ben Olsen 46)


Los Angeles 3:2 Olimpia

Kevin Hartman, Greg Vanney, Alexi Lalas, Paul Caliguiri, Zak Ibsen, Ezra Hendrickson-2, Simon Elliot, Peter Vagenas, Mauricio Cienfuegos (Brian Kelly 92+), Cobi Jones-1, Adam Frye (Sasha Victorine 60)

2001 - no tournament


Round of 16

Olimpia 0:1 San Jose

Joe Cannon, Jimmy Conrad, Troy Dayak, Jeff Agoos, Wade Barrett, Ian Russell, Ronnie Ekelund (Ariel Graziani 70), Richard Mulrooney-1, Manny Lagos (Ramiro Corrales 76), Dwayne De Rosario (Devin Barclay 82), Landon Donovan

San Jose 3:1 Olimpia

Joe Cannon, Jimmy Conrad, Troy Dayak, Jeff Agoos-1, Wade Barrett, Ian Russell-1, Ronnie Ekelund, Richard Mulrooney, Manny Lagos (Ramiro Corrales 54), Dwayne De Rosario (Devin Barclay 79), Landon Donovan-1 (Ariel Graziani 71)

W. Connection 0:1 Kansas City

Tony Meola, Mike Burns, Nick Garcia, Peter Vermes, Jose Burciaga (Carey Talley 78), Kerry Zavagnin, Matt McKeon, Chris Brown, Preki (Francisco Gomez-1 82), Eric Quill, Roy Lassiter (Gary Glasgow 68)

Kansas City 2:0 W. Connection

Tony Meola, Mike Burns-1, Nick Garcia, Peter Vermes, Diego Gutierrez (Jose Burciaga 66), Gary Glasgow (Francisco Gomez 78), Kerry Zavagnin, Matt McKeon, Eric Quill, Chris Brown, Preki-1 (Stephen Armstrong 86)

Comunicaciones 4:0 D.C. United

Nick Rimando, Brandon Prideaux, Ryan Nelsen, Eddie Pope, Ivan McKinley, Lazo Alavanja, Richie Williams, Jose Alegria (Bryan Namoff, 46), Mark Lisi, Santino Quaranta (Mike Burke, 69), Abdul Thompson Conteh (Craig Ziadie, 46)

D.C. United 2:1 Comunicaciones

Nick Rimando, Brandon Prideaux, Eddie Pope-1, Ivan McKinley (Bryan Namoff 57), Milton Reyes, Lazo Alavanja (Jose Alegria 69), Mark Lisi-1, Marco Etcheverry, Bobby Convey, Santino Quaranta, Abdul Thompson Conteh (Ali Curtis 62)

Municipal 0:1 Chicago

Zach Thornton, Evan Whitfield, C.J. Brown, Carlos Bocanegra, Chris Armas, Jesse Marsch, DaMarcus Beasley, Sergi Daniv, Peter Nowak (Billy Sleeth 83), Dema Kovalenko (Craig Capano 86), Josh Wolff (Kelly Gray 79)

Chicago 2:0 Municipal

Zach Thornton, Evan Whitfield, Carlos Bocanegra-1, Kelly Gray, Chris Armas (Billy Sleeth 84), Jesse Marsch, Dema Kovalenko, DaMarcus Beasley, Peter Nowak (Craig Capano 84), Ante Razov-1 (Sergi Daniv 71), Josh Wolff


Pachuca 3:0 San Jose

Joe Cannon, Zak Ibsen, Jimmy Conrad, Troy Dayak, Wade Barrett, Manny Lagos (Ian Russell 46), Ronnie Ekelund, Richard Mulrooney, Ramiro Corrales, Dwayne De Rosario (Eddie Robinson 70), Ariel Graziani (Devin Barclay 70)

San Jose 1:0 Pachuca

Jon Conway, Zak Ibsen, Troy Dayak, Jeff Agoos, Wade Barrett, Manny Lagos (Devin Barclay 46, Luchi Gonzalez 53), Richard Mulrooney (Eddie Robinson 46), Ramiro Corrales-1, Ian Russell, Dwayne De Rosario, Ariel Graziani

Santos Laguna 2:1 Kansas City

Tony Meola, Nick Garcia, Peter Vermes, Carey Talley, Mark Burns, Kerry Zavagnin, Matt McKeon (Roy Lassiter 73), Diego Gutierrez, Stephen Armstrong (Gary Glasgow-1 65), Preki (Francisco Gomez 60), Chris Brown

Kansas City 2:0 Santos Laguna
Tony Meola, Mike Burns, Nick Garcia, Carey Talley-1, Diego Gutierrez, Gary Glasgow, Kerry Zavagnin, Matt McKeon, Stephen Armstrong (Francisco Gomez 65), Preki (Peter Vermes 82), Roy Lassiter (Chris Brown-1 46)

Morelia 2:0 Chicago

Zach Thornton, C.J. Brown, Jim Curtin, Carlos Bocanegra, Jesse Marsch, Billy Walsh (Billy Sleeth 61), Kelly Gray, David Vaudreuil (Miguel Saavedra 78), Craig Capano, Josh Wolff, John Wolyniec (Aleksey Korol 66)

Chicago 2:1 Morelia

Zach Thornton, Billy Sleeth (Aleksey Korol 84), Jim Curtin, C.J. Brown, David Vaudreuil, Billy Walsh, Jesse Marsch, DaMarcus Beasley, Dema Kovalenko-2, Josh Wolff, John Wolyniec


Morelia 6:1 Kansas City

Tony Meola, Chris Klein, Nick Garcia, Carey Talley (Chris Brunt 65), Mike Burns, Chris Brown, Kerry Zavagnin, Francisco Gomez (Matt McKeon 63), Eric Quill (Preki 31), Dario Fabbro-1, Stephen Armstrong

Kansas City 1:1 Morelia

Tony Meola, Mike Burns, Peter Vermes, Diego Gutierrez, Chris Klein, Kerry Zavagnin, Francisco Gómez (Chris Brown-1 62), Eric Quill, Matt McKeon, Igor Simutenkov (Davy Arnaud 46), Darío Fabbro (Chris Brunt 36)


Round of 16

Arabe Unido 2:1 Columbus

Jon Busch, Frankie Hejduk, Mike Clark, Brian Dunseth, Eric Denton, Brian West (Ross Paule 80), Kyle Martino, Chad McCarty (Brian Maisonneuve 85), Freddy Garcia, Edson Buddle-1, Jeff Cunningham

Columbus 3:0 Arabe Unido

Jon Busch, Frankie Hejduk, Brian Dunseth, Mike Clark (Chad McCarty 85), Daniel Torres, Brian Maisonneuve (Duncan Oughton 73), Brian West (Ross Paule 25), Freddy Garcia, Kyle Martino-1, Edson Buddle-2, Brian McBride

Alajuelense 4:0 New England

Adin Brown, Rusty Pierce, Daouda Kante, Joe Franchino, Steve Ralston, Leo Cullen, Daniel Hernandez, Brian Kamler (Pat Noonan 67), Wolde Harris (Shalrie Joseph 82), Taylor Twellman, Jay Heaps

Alajuelense 1:3 New England (home leg played in Costa Rica)

Adin Brown, Daouda Kante, Rusty Pierce, Joey Franchino, Leo Cullen, Daniel Hernández, Steve Ralston (Winston Griffiths 79), Shalrie Joseph, Pat Noonan-1 (Marshall Leonard 73), Taylor Twellman-1, Wolde Harris-1 (Brian Kamler 64)

(note: third goal is this match is credited in some reports to Steve Ralston, that is incorrect, it should be Noonan)

Municipal 4:2 San Jose

Pat Onstad, Troy Dayak, Eddie Robinson, Jeff Agoos, Craig Waibel (Arturo Alvarez 63), Manny Lagos-2, Richard Mulrooney, Landon Donovan, Ramiro Corrales, Brian Mullan, Brian Ching

San Jose 2:1 Municipal

Pat Onstad, Chris Roner, Craig Waibel, Jeff Agoos, Todd Dunivant (Arturo Alvarez 77), Manny Lagos, Ronnie Ekelund, Ramiro Corrales, Brian Mullan, Brian Ching-1 (Jamil Walker 83), Landon Donovan-1

Motagua 2:2 Los Angeles

Kevin Hartman, Tyrone Marshall, Alexi Lalas-1, Danny Califf, Ezra Hendrickson, Hong Myung-Bo, Sasha Victorine, Simon Elliott, Cobi Jones, Chris Albright (Alex Pineda Chacon 73), Carlos Ruiz-1

Los Angeles 1:0 Motagua

Kevin Hartman, Tyrone Marshall, Alexi Lalas-1, Danny Califf, Ezra Hendrickson, Hong Myung-Bo, Simon Elliott, Alex Pineda Chacon (Mauricio Cienfuegos 63), Sasha Victorine, Cobi Jones, Chris Albright (Gavin Glinton 74)


Morelia 6:0 Columbus

Jon Busch, Mike Clark, Chad McCarty, Eric Denton, Duncan Oughton, Brian Maisonneuve (Diego Walsh 63), Edson Buddle (Jeff Cunningham 50), Freddy Garcia, Ross Paule (Brian West 52), Nelson Akwari, Brian McBride

Columbus 2:0 Morelia

Tom Presthus, Frankie Hejduk (Jake Traeger 78), Chad McCarty, Nelson Akwari, Eric Denton, Duncan Oughton, Ross Paule, Diego Walsh, Freddy Garcia (Brian Maisonneuve 60), Edson Buddle-1 (Brian McBride 50), Jeff Cunningham-1

Los Angeles 1:4 Necaxa

Kevin Hartman, Hong Myung-Bo (Carlos Ruiz 81), Alexi Lalas, Tyrone Marshall, Ezra Hendrickson, Simon Elliott, Peter Vagenas, Sasha Victorine, Cobi Jones, Chris Albright (Gavin Glinton 60), Alex Pineda Chacon-1 (Mauricio Cienfuegos 64)

Necaxa 2:1 Los Angeles

Kevin Hartman, Danny Califf, Hong Myung-Bo, Alexi Lalas (Ezra Hendrickson 59), Jesus Ochoa (Sasha Victorine 46), Peter Vagenas, Mauricio Cienfuegos (Cobi Jones 65), Jose Retiz, Chris Albright-1, Carlos Ruiz, Alejandro Moreno



Alajuelense 3:0 San Jose

Pat Onstad, Wes Hart, Craig Waibel, Troy Dayak, Ramiro Corrales, Brian Mullan (Arturo Alvarez 60), Richard Mulrooney, Ronnie Ekelund, Ian Russell, Dwayne De Rosario (Jamil Walker 66), Landon Donovan (Brian Ching 79)

San Jose 1:0 Alajuelense

Pat Onstad, Craig Waibel, Jeff Agoos, Troy Dayak, Ramiro Corrales, Brian Mullan-1, Ronnie Ekelund, Richard Mulrooney, Arturo Alvarez, Dwayne De Rosario, Jamil Walker (Brian Ching 61)

San Juan Jabloteh 5:2 Chicago

Henry Ring, C.J. Brown (Leonard Griffin 68), Jim Curtin, Evan Whitfield, Kelly Gray, Logan Pause (Justin Mapp-1 57), Chris Armas, Andy Williams, DaMarcus Beasley, Damani Ralph, Nate Jaqua (Dipsy Selolwane 77) (own goal-1)

Chicago 4:0 San Juan Jabloteh

Henry Ring, Evan Whitfield, Jim Curtin, C.J. Brown, Chris Armas-1, Logan Pause (Dipsy Selolwane 46-2), Andy Williams (Kelly Gray 92+), Justin Mapp, DaMarcus Beasley, Damani Ralph-1, Nate Jaqua


Saprissa 2:0 Chicago

Henry Ring, C.J. Brown, Jim Curtin, Evan Whitfield (Kelly Gray 74), Nate Jaqua, Logan Pause, Chris Armas, Andy Williams (Craig Capano 77), DaMarcus Beasley, Dipsy Selolwane (Justin Mapp 78), Damani Ralph

Chicago 2:1 Saprissa

D.J. Countess, Kelly Gray, Jim Curtin-1, C.J. Brown, Leonard Griffin (Nate Jaqua 45), Logan Pause, Justin Mapp, Andy Williams-1, DaMarcus Beasley, Damani Ralph, Dipsy Selolwane (Sumed Ibrahim 77)



Kansas City 0:0 Saprissa

Bo Oshoniyi, Alex Zotinca (Diego Walsh 80), Jimmy Conrad, Nick Garcia, Jose Burciaga Jr., Chris Klein, Diego Gutierrez (Khari Stephenson 89), Kerry Zavagnin, Sasha Victorine (Jack Jewsbury 71), Davy Arnaud, Josh Wolff

Saprissa 2:1 Kansas City (AET)

Bo Oshoniyi, Nick Garcia, Jimmy Conrad, Jose Burciaga Jr.-1, Sasha Victorine, Kerry Zavagnin, Diego Gutiérrez (Alex Zotinca 83), Khari Stephenson (Diego Walsh 46, Jack Jewsbury 105), Chris Klein, Josh Wolff, Davy Arnaud

D.C. United 2:1 Harbour View

Nick Rimando, Bryan Namoff, Mike Petke, David Stokes, Freddy Adu (Brandon Prideaux 80), Brian Carroll, Christian Gomez (Clyde Simms 84), Ben Olsen, Joshua Gros-1, Alecko Eskandarian-1, Jaime Moreno (Santino Quaranta 88)

Harbour View 1:2 D.C. United

Nick Rimando, Brandon Prideaux, Mike Petke, Brian Namoff, Nick Van Sicklen (Stephen Guppy 65), Christian Gomez (Clyde Simms 80), Ben Olsen, Brian Carroll, Joshua Gros, Alecko Eskandarian (Jamil Walker-1 46), Jaime Moreno-1


D.C. United 1:1 UNAM Pumas

Nick Rimando, David Stokes, Bobby Boswell, Mike Petke, Joshua Gros, Brian Carroll, Christian Gomez-1 (Freddy Adu 79), Ben Olsen, Steve Guppy (Santino Quaranta 70), Alecko Eskandarian (Jamil Walker 85), Jaime Moreno

UNAM Pumas 5:0 D.C. United

Nick Rimando, Bobby Boswell, David Stokes, Mike Petke, Nick Van Sicklen (Freddy Adu 58), Christian Gomez (Clyde Simms 72), Ben Olsen (Jamil Walker 82), Brian Carroll, Josh Gros, Jaime Moreno, Alecko Eskandarian



New England 0:0 Alajuelense (home leg played in Bermuda)

Matt Reis, Joe Franchino, Jay Heaps, Daniel Hernandez, James Riley, Tony Lochhead, Andy Dorman (Jose Cancela 75), Shalrie Joseph, Pat Noonan (Ryan Latham 83) Clint Dempsey, Taylor Twellman

Alajuelense 1:0 New England

Matt Reis, Joe Franchino, Jay Heaps, Daniel Hernandez, James Riley, Steve Ralston (Jose Cancela 61), Tony Lochhead, Shalrie Joseph, Andy Dorman, Clint Dempsey, Taylor Twellman

Los Angeles 0:0 Saprissa

Kevin Hartman, Troy Roberts, Ugo Ihemelu, Tyrone Marshall, Nathan Sturgis, Cobi Jones, Marcelo Saragosa (Alan Gordon 75), Peter Vagenas, Herculez Gómez, Guillermo Gonzalez (Josh Gardner 46), Landon Donovan

Saprissa 3:2 Los Angeles (AET)

Kevin Hartman, Chris Albright, Tyrone Marshall, Ugo Ihemelu, Nate Sturgis (Alan Gordon 103), Peter Vagenas, Marcelo Saragosa (Brian Dunseth 66), Cobi Jones (Ednaldo da Conceicao 81), Josh Gardner-1, Hercules Gomez, Landon Donovan-1



Puntarenas 1:0 Houston

Pat Onstad (Zach Wells 23), Eddie Robinson, Ryan Cochrane, Paul Dalglish (Kelly Gray 68), Brian Mullan, Brad Davis (Chris Wondolowski 51), Ricardo Clark, Dwayne De Rosario, Alejandro Moreno, Craig Waibel, Wade Barrett

Houston 2:0 Puntarenas

Zach Wells, Alejandro Moreno (Brian Ching 71), Craig Waibel, Wade Barrett, Ryan Cochrane, Kelly Gray-1, Paul Dalglish-1 (Chris Wondolowski 85), Brian Mullan, Brad Davis, Ricardo Clark, Dwayne De Rosario (Kevin Goldthwaite 73)

Olimpia 1:4 DC United

Troy Perkins, Facundo Erpen-1, Christian Gomez-2 (Justin Moose), Luciano Emilio-1, Ben Olsen (Devon McTavish), Brian Carroll, Josh Gros, Clyde Simms, Bryan Namoff, Bobby Boswell, Jaime Moreno (Jamil Walker)

DC United 3:2 Olimpia

Troy Perkins (Jay Nolly 67), Bryan Namoff, Bobby Boswell, Facundo Erpen, Devon McTavish, Brian Carroll (Ben Olsen 46), Christian Gomez-1, Clyde Simms, Joshua Gros, Luciano Emilio-2, Jaime Moreno (Jamil Walker 46)


DC United 1:1 Guadalajara

Troy Perkins, Facundo Erpen, Bobby Boswell, Bryan Namoff, Ben Olsen, Brian Carroll (Stephen deRoux 60), Christian Gomez, Clyde Simms, Joshua Gros, Luciano Emilio-1, Jaime Moreno (Jamil Walker 70)

Guadalajara 2:1 DC United

Troy Perkins, Bryan Namoff, Bobby Boswell, Facundo Erpen, Brian Carroll, Ben Olsen, Christian Gomez, Joshua Gros (Stephen DeRoux 30, Fred 66), Clyde Simms, Luciano Emilio, Jaime Moreno-1 (Jamil Walker 76)

Houston 2:0 Pachuca

Zach Wells, Eddie Robinson, Craig Waibel, Wade Barrett, Kelly Gray, Brian Mullan, Ricardo Clark, Alejandro Moreno, Brad Davis, Brian Ching-1 (Chris Wondolowski-1 82), Paul Dalglish (Dwayne De Rosario 76)

Pachuca 5:2 Houston (AET)

Zach Wells, Eddie Robinson, Ryan Cochrane, Kelly Gray, Brian Mullan-1, Brad Davis (Kevin Goldthwaite 76), Dwayne De Rosario (Paul Dalglish 107), Alejandro Moreno, Craig Waibel (Stuart Holden 56), Wade Barrett, Brian Ching-1



Harbour View 1:1 DC United

Zach Wells, Marc Burch, Gonzalo Peralta, Gonzalo Martinez, Bryan Namoff, Clyde Simms, Fred, Devon McTavish-1, Marcelo Gallardo, Luciano Emilio, Jaime Moreno (Franco Niell 18, Dan Stratford 81)

DC United 5:0 Harbour View

Zach Wells, Gonzalo Peralta, Marc Burch (Domenic Mediate 82), Fred-1, Marcelo Gallardo (Rod Dyachenko 72), Luciano Emilio-2, Devon McTavish-2, Clyde Simms, Gonzalo Martinez, Bryan Namoff, Franco Niell (Santino Quaranta 64)

Municipal 0:0 Houston Dynamo

Pat Onstad, Craig Waibel, Eddie Robinson, Bobby Boswell, Wade Barrett, Richard Mulrooney, Ricardo Clark, Dwayne De Rosario (Brian Mullan 83), Corey Ashe, Chris Wondolowski (Franco Caraccio 83), Brian Ching.

Houston Dynamo 3:1 Municipal

Pat Onstad, Craig Waibel, Bobby Boswell, Eddie Robinson, Wade Barrett, Richard Mulrooney, Ricardo Clark, Dwayne De Rosario-2 (Franco Caraccio 75) (Brian Mullan 77), Corey Ashe, Brian Ching, Chris Wondolowski-1.


Pachuca 2:0 DC United

Zach Wells, Gonzalo Peralta, Marc Burch, Fred, Marcelo Gallardo (Rod Dyachenko 79), Luciano Emilio, Devon McTavish (Domenic Mediate 82), Clyde Simms (Santino Quaranta 46), Gonzalo Martinez, Bryan Namoff, Franco Niell

DC United 2:1 Pachuca

Zach Wells, Bryan Namoff, Gonzalo Martinez, Gonzalo Peralta, Devon McTavish (Franco Niell-1 65), Santino Quaranta (Marc Burch 60), Marcelo Gallardo, Clyde Simms, Fred, Luciano Emilio, Jaime Moreno (Rod Dyachenko-1 78),

Houston Dynamo 0:0 Saprissa

Pat Onstad, Bobby Boswell, Eddie Robinson, Wade Barrett, Patrick Ianni, Richard Mulrooney (Geoff Cameron 75), Ricardo Clark, Dwayne De Rosario, Corey Ashe, Brian Ching, Franco Caraccio (Chris Wondolowski 80).

Saprissa 3:0 Houston Dynamo

Tony Caig, Richard Mulrooney, Craig Waibel (Brian Mullan 6), Patrick Ianni, Wade Barrett, Geoff Cameron, Ricardo Clark, Dwayne De Rosario, Corey Ashe, Brian Ching (Chris Wondolowski 78), Franco Caraccio (Brad Davis 74).


Preliminary Round

Tauro CD 2:0 Chivas USA

Zach Thornton, Jonathan Bornstein, Claudio Suarez (Jim Curtin 45), Shavar Thomas, Francisco Mendoza, Kraig Chiles (Lawson Vaughn 62), Paulo Nagamura, Daniel Paladini (Alecko Eskandarian 45), Jorge Flores, Sacha Kljestan, Atiba Harris.

CD Chivas USA 1:1 Tauro

Dan Kennedy, Eric Ebert, Bobby Burling, Jim Curtin, Jonathan Bornstein, Atiba Harris, Sacha Kljestan (Jorge Flores 65), Paulo Nagamura, Francisco Mendoza, Justin Braun (Alecko Eskandarian 55), Roberto Nurse-1 (Ante Razov 55)

Joe Public 2:1 New England Revolution

Doug Warren, Chris Tierney, Jeff Larentowicz, Michael Parkhurst, Jay Heaps, Mauricio Castro-1 (Joe Germanese 80), Shalrie Joseph, Pat Phelan, Sainey Nyassi (Amaechi Igwe 65), Steve Ralston (Wells Thompson 25), Taylor Twellman

New England Revolution 0:4 Joe Public

Matt Reis, Chris Tierney, Amaechi Igwe, Gabriel Badilla, Jay Heaps, Mauricio Castro, Shalrie Joseph (Rob Valentino 68), Jeff Larentowicz (Pat Phelan 46), Wells Thompson, Khano Smith, Brandon Manzonelli (Joe Germanese 72)

Group Stage

DC United 0:2 Saprissa

Zach Wells, Bryan Namoff, Marc Burch, Devon McTavish, Gonzalo Martinez, Thabiso Khumalo, Santino Quaranta (Francis Doe 76), Clyde Simms, Craig Thompson, Ryan Cordeiro (Rod Dyachenko 65), Luciano Emilio (Fred 46),

Marathon 2:0 DC United

Louis Crayton; Craig Thompson, Bryan Namoff, Marc Burch, Gonzalo Martinez; Fred, Clyde Simms (Ryan Cordeiro 70 / Quavas Kirk 73), Ivan Guerrero, Thabiso Khumalo; Rod Dyachenko (Gonzalo Peralta 61), Luciano Emilio.

DC United 0:1 Cruz Azul

Zach Wells, Greg Janicki, Marc Burch, Devon McTavish, Mike Zaher, Quavas Kirk (Thabiso Khumalo 61), Rod Dyachenko, Joe Vide (Ryan Cordeiro 46), Craig Thompson, Francis Doe (Ryan Miller 83), Jaime Moreno,

Saprissa 2:2 DC United

Zach Wells, Greg Janicki (Marc Burch 68), Pat Carroll, Gonzalo Martinez, Mike Zaher, Craig Thompson, Joe Vide (Devon McTavish 61) Ryan Miller, Quavas Kirk (Thabiso Khumalo 81), Rod Dyachenko-1, Francis Doe-1

Cruz Azul 2:0 DC United

James Thorpe, Craig Thompson, Bryan Namoff (Marc Burch 45), Gonzalo Martinez, Mike Zaher, Quavas Kirk, Devon McTavish (Clyde Simms 62), Pat Carroll, Ryan Miller, Thabiso Khumalo, Ryan Cordeiro (Louis Crayton 32)

DC United 2:4 Marathon

Zach Wells, Gonzalo Martinez (Joe Vide 58), Greg Janicki-1, Devon McTavish, Marc Burch, Fred, Santino Quaranta, Clyde Simms, Ivan Guerrero, Francis Doe-1, Thabiso Khumalo (Luciano Emilio 61),

San Francisco 0:0 Houston Dynamo

Pat Onstad, Craig Waibel, Bobby Boswell, Patrick Ianni, Wade Barrett, Geoff Cameron (Brian Mullan 59), Ricardo Clark, Stuart Holden, Corey Ashe, Nate Jaqua (Brian Ching 71), Kei Kamara (Dwayne De Rosario 75).

Pumas 4:4 Houston Dynamo

Pat Onstad, Craig Waibel-2, Bobby Boswell, Eddie Robinson, Wade Barrett, Geoff Cameron (Dwayne De Rosario 65), Ricardo Clark (Richard Mulrooney 61), Stuart Holden (Brian Mullan 23), Corey Ashe, Nate Jaqua, Kei Kamara-2.

Houston Dynamo 2:1 San Francisco

Tony Caig, Mike Chabala, Bobby Boswell, Patrick Ianni, Wade Barrett, Brian Mullan (Kyle Brown 56), Ricardo Clark (Richard Mulrooney 46), Stuart Holden, Corey Ashe, Chris Wondolowski-1, Nate Jaqua (Dwayne De Rosario-1 78).

Houston Dynamo 1:3 Pumas

Pat Onstad, Craig Waibel, Patrick Ianni (Brad Davis 70), Eddie Robinson, Wade Barrett, Geoff Cameron, Ricardo Clark (Richard Mulrooney 46), Stuart Holden (Dwayne De Rosario 62), Corey Ashe, Nate Jaqua, Kei Kamara (og-1)

Luis Angel Firpo 1:1 Houston Dynamo

Tony Caig, Erik Ustruck, Patrick Ianni, Steve Wondolowski, Mike Chabala, Geoff Cameron, John Michael Hayden, Stuart Holden-1, Corey Ashe, Chris Wondolowski (Kyle Brown 93), Kei Kamara.

Houston Dynamo 1:0 Luis Angel Firpo

Pat Onstad, Craig Waibel, Bobby Boswell, Eddie Robinson, Mike Chabala, Brian Mullan, Ricardo Clark, Dwayne De Rosario (Richard Mulrooney 81), Corey Ashe, Brian Ching-1 (Patrick Ianni 85), Nate Jaqua (Kei Kamara 68).


Houston Dynamo vs Atlante
Atlante vs Houston Dynamo

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Most MLS Games Without A USMNT Cap

Americans only, obviously. Came across an old Bigsoccer thread on the subject which I've now resurrected. I don't remember posting on this topic before as far as I can tell. I didn't include Richard Farrer on this list, as he was born in South Africa then later became an American. I think he was the only player in that situation.

Top 25

(includes only regular season games, bold = active)

1 Heaps, Jay 289
2 Talley, Carey 272
3 Garlick, Scott 237
4 Prideaux, Brandon 233
5 Jolley, Steve 227
6 Clark, Mike 221
7 Kamler, Brian 214
8 Rhine, Bobby 212
9 Brown, Chris 197
10 Paule, Ross 192
11 Denton, Eric 186
12 Dunseth, Brian 171
13 Curtin, Jim 169
14 Perez, Orlando 163
15 Pierce, Rusty 155
16 Gray, Kelly 152
17 Maessner, John 151
17 Vaudreuil, David 151
19 Pause, Logan 146
20 Quill, Eric 143
21 Waibel, Craig 139
22 Jewsbury, Jack 138
22 Leitch, Chris 138
22 Yeagley, Todd 138
25 Russell, Ian 134

Jewsbury came pretty close this past offseason. Many of these players have been in camps before, so he's not alone in almost getting there. With 15 teams, we're starting to get to a point where being capped is going to become more of a rare thing.

Other Top Active Players

Parke, Jeff 132
Magee, Mike 130
Burciaga, Jose 127
Alvarez, Arturo 124
Cochrane, Ryan 103


Monday, February 02, 2009

Most Championships By City (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL)

I've decided not to include soccer teams in this list, partially they are not on the same level in eyes of the average fan but also because I would have to get into the sticky issue of whether or not to include the NASL. Then there's the ASL, but that would open up even more possibilities for the other sports. So to keep it simple, here's a list consisting of only the four major American sports leagues.

With their Super Bowl win over the Arizona Cardinals, the Pittsburgh Steelers have now bumped up their home city to sole possession of 9th place in the overall standings.

1 New York 52
34 2 8 8
2 Boston 33
8 17 3 5
3 Montreal 27

4 Chicago 25
5 6 11 3
5 Detroit 22
4 3 4 11
6 Los Angeles 18
6 9 2 1
7 Philadelphia 17
7 4 4 2
8 Toronto 15

9 Pittsburgh 13
6 2
10 Green Bay 12

10 Saint Louis 12
10 1 1
12 Baltimore 8
3 1 4
12 Cleveland 8
14 Minneapolis 7
2 5

14 Oakland 7
4 1 2
14 Washington DC 7
1 1 5
17 Dallas 6

5 1
18 Cincinnati 5

18 Edmonton 5

18 Miami 5
2 1 2
18 San Francisco 5

22 Denver 4

2 2
22 Ottawa 4

22 San Antonio 4


25 Newark 3

26 Canton 2

26 Houston 2


26 Kansas City 2
26 Milwaukee 2
1 1

26 Tampa Bay 2

1 1
31 Akron 1

31 Atlanta 1

31 Calgary 1

31 Indianapolis 1

31 Phoenix 1

31 Portland 1


31 Providence 1

31 Raleigh 1

31 Rochester 1


31 Seattle 1


31 Syracuse 1



1) NFL titles from 1966-69 after the creation of the Super Bowl but before the merger of the NFL and AFL are not counted. Rather, the Super Bowl champion is used. This results in Kansas City and New York getting an additional championship instead of Baltimore and Minneapolis.

2) Anaheim's two titles (MLB, NHL) were included under Los Angeles. Otherwise they have 2 and LA has 16.

3) Brooklyn Dodgers are awarded to NY, while the NFL's Frankfort Yellow Jackets are credited to Philadelphia. Suburbs are not considered separate. Overall, these things are pretty clear cut except for Anaheim.

4) The top 5 most populous cities without a championship are San Diego, San Jose, Jacksonville, Columbus, and Austin. However, two of those have featured MLS champions. This is the city population only, not the metro area population.

5) Canada still has won more NHL titles than the USA by a score of 50-40.

6) If states were ranked instead of cities, California and Pennsylvania would be tied for third with 30 titles. The lower part of the top ten would look pretty interesting: Ontario 8th (19), Ohio (16), Missouri and Wisconsin (tied at 14), followed by Texas (12) in 12th. Florida (7) ranks tied for 14th. This is with counting the actual city in the team's name, not the suburb (so East Rutherford, NJ is counted for New York instead).

7) The cities who currently have teams in these leagues, but no title are 14 in number:

New Orleans
Oklahoma City
Salt Lake City
San Diego
San Jose

That's not counting the New Jersey Nets (East Rutherford, NJ) and Minnesota Wild (Saint Paul) as separate cities.