Monday, May 25, 2009

OTFATT 2009: Update #2

Previous Updates
#1 4/12 68 players remaining
OTFATT is short for "On the field, all the time." In these updates throughout the season, I'll be keeping track of which MLS players have played every minute of every game (regular season only). That feat has been accomplished 35 times in 13 season by 28 different players. Click here for that list.

We're down to 34 players overall, which is exactly half of what we had in the first update. Houston still has five players, while New York is the first team to go to zero. Surprisingly, only 5/15 keepers are left while two rookies remain: Darrius Barnes and Omar Gonzalez.

As usual, there are very few non-keepers, defenders, or DMs remaining. Brian McBride is the last remaining forward.

Pretty soon the discipline situations will come into play. Already, a couple of guys on the list (Beckerman, Brennan) are one yellow away from suspension.

Remaining Candidates (37)

4 CHI Busch, McBride, Pause, Ward
4 CHV Bornstein, Marsch, Talley, Thornton
2 CLB Carroll, O'Rourke
2 COL Clark, Harvey
2 DAL Ferreira, Moor
1 DC Namoff
5 HOU Boswell, Cameron, Clark, Holden, Onstad
2 KC Conrad, Hartman
2 LA Donovan, Gonzalez
4 NE Barnes, Heaps, Joseph
2 RSL Beckerman, Johnson
2 SEA Hurtado, Marshall
3 SJ Cannon, Garcia
2 TOR Brennan, Serioux

Order of teams being totally wiped out, with last surviving player:

1. NY-Dane Richards (4/18)


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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:53 AM, May 26, 2009) : 

How about refactoring the list to show those who have played every minute of every game that they were available.


Blogger scaryice said ... (1:44 AM, May 26, 2009) : 

Nah, that would be too much trouble. Plus, that's part of the intrigue of following this because a player can't be too good or he'll get called up.


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