Friday, April 30, 2010

Bayern vs Inter - More Than Just a Title on the Line

As I've noted before, Germany was on the verge of overtaking Italy for third place in the UEFA coefficients at the end of the season. Well, as it turns out, the Champions League final will decide more than just the 2009-2010 title winner. It all comes down to this match, as these two teams will be fighting for their entire countries.

A Bayern win or a draw after 120 minutes (regardless of the outcome of a penalty shootout) will mean Germany gets a fourth Champions League place starting in 2011-2012. Italy would then only have three. Inter must win to keep the fourth spot in Italy's hands (although given the trends, they could still lose it after next season).

As always, Bert Kassies' site is the number one place to go for info and discussion on this subject.

I expect to see the media covering this more as the game approaches. At least I hope so. I've only seen two articles on the subject today so far, both from, so at least they're on the ball.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MLS Player Nationalities - Completing the List

93 down, 115 to go. Here are the remaining nationalities, listed by March 2010 FIFA ranking:

Countries Left

11 Greece UEFA
14 Egypt CAF
24 Norway UEFA
27 Algeria CAF
29 Slovenia UEFA
35 Turkey UEFA
43 Gabon CAF
52 Burkina Faso CAF
56 Tunisia CAF
61 Benin CAF
62 Saudi Arabia AFC
65 Macedonia UEFA
67 Bahrain AFC
70 Cyprus UEFA
71 Zambia CAF
81 Iraq AFC
83 Albania UEFA
84 China AFC
85 Guinea CAF
87 Moldova UEFA
90 Iceland UEFA
94 Kuwait AFC
95 Uzbekistan AFC
96 Oman AFC
97 Syria AFC
97 Qatar AFC
99 Congo CAF
101 Libya CAF
102 Jordan AFC
102 United Arab Emirates AFC
104 Thailand AFC
105 North Korea AFC
107 Rwanda CAF
108 Yemen CAF
109 Tanzania CAF
112 Namibia CAF
114 Kenya CAF
118 Georgia UEFA
119 Vietnam AFC
120 Antigua & Barbuda CONCACAF
121 Sudan CAF
124 Luxembourg UEFA
125 Faroe Islands UEFA
127 Singapore AFC
129 Kazakhstan UEFA
130 Tajikistan AFC
131 Fiji OFC
132 Swaziland CAF
134 Turkmenistan AFC
137 Barbados CONCACAF
138 Indonesia AFC
139 Maldives AFC
140 Hong Kong AFC
141 Myanmar AFC
141 Suriname CONCACAF
143 Equatorial Guinea CAF
144 Chad CAF
146 New Caledonia OFC
147 Malaysia AFC
148 Lesotho CAF
149 Lebanon AFC
151 Liechtenstein UEFA
151 Kyrgyzstan AFC
153 Pakistan AFC
154 Madagascar CAF
155 Vanuatu OFC
157 Sri Lanka CAF
158 Malta UEFA
158 Bangladesh AFC
160 Nepal AFC
160 Nicaragua CONCACAF
162 Netherlands Antilles CONCACAF
163 Chinese Taipei AFC
163 Eritrea CAF
165 Niger CAF
167 Philippines AFC
168 Mauritania CAF
170 Solomon Islands OFC
171 Cambodia AFC
172 Mongolia AFC
174 Comoros CAF
175 Seychelles CAF
176 Mauritius CAF
177 Somalia CAF
177 Cayman Islands CONCACAF
177 Laos AFC
180 Samoa OFC
181 Macau AFC
182 Cook Islands OFC
182 Belize CONCACAF
182 Bahamas CONCACAF
185 Dominica CONCACAF
187 Tonga OFC
188 Dominican Republic CONCACAF
189 Brunei AFC
190 Djibouti CAF
191 Afghanistan CAF
192 St. Lucia CONCACAF
192 Guinea-Bissau CAF
192 Tahiti OFC
195 British Virgin Islands CONCACAF
196 Bhutan AFC
196 Guam AFC
198 Aruba CONCACAF
199 US Virgin Islands CONCACAF
200 Timor-Leste CAF
201 Andorra UEFA
202 San Marino UEFA
202 Anguilla CONCACAF
202 Montserrat CONCACAF
202 American Samoa OFC
202 Central African Republic CAF
202 Papua New Guinea OFC

Sao Tome & Principe CAF

I only count one nationality per player, the one that they play international soccer with. If the player is not an international, then I go by their first nationality: the country they were born in.

Countries Filled

First player listed below. This includes all competitions, not just the regular season.

This isn't necessarily permanent. If a country only has one player, and they decide to play for a different national team, then they could be taken off this list.

Angola 1999-08-11 Fernandes, Fernando
Argentina 1996-04-06 Gori, Mario
Armenia 1996-04-13 Karapetyan, Harut
Allsopp, Danny
Austria 2004-04-03 Herzog, Andreas
Belarus 2005-10-12 Gotsmanov, Sasha
Belgium 1999-04-25 Kalonji, Nansha
Bermuda 2005-05-07 Smith, Khano
Bolivia 1996-04-06 Etcheverry, Marco

Suarez, Juan Berthy
Bosnia 1996-04-06 Fazlagic, Said
Botswana 2002-09-22 Selolwane, Dipsy
Brazil 1996-04-13 Welton
Bulgaria 2000-03-18 Stoitchkov, Hristo
Burundi 2009-08-18 Habarugira, David
Cameroon 1996-04-13 Ekeme, Samuel
Canada 1996-04-13 Aunger, Geoff

Watson, Mark

Yallop, Frank
Cape Verde 1998-04-11 Jair
Chile 1996-04-06 Mella, Victor
Colombia 1996-04-13 Valderrama, Carlos
Costa Rica 1996-04-13 Hamlett, Denis
Cote d'Ivoire 2007-04-07 Oka, Arsene
Croatia 1996-05-08 Hunjak, Goran
Cuba 2004-06-12 Martinez, Rey Angel
Czech 1998-03-24 Kubik, Lubos
Denmark 2000-03-25 Molnar, Miklos
DR Congo 2007-07-11 Mupier, Mira
Ecuador 1996-04-13 Hurtado, Eduardo
El Salvador 1996-04-06 Diaz Arce, Raul
England 1996-04-13 Butterworth, Ian
Lindpere, Joel
Ethiopia 1998-05-22 Mohammed, Dahir
Finland 2004-04-03 Valakari, Simo
France 2005-04-16 Djorkaeff, Youri
Gambia 2007-09-04 Nyassi, Sainey
Germany 2000-03-26 Matthaus, Lothar
Ghana 1996-09-21 Ken-Kwofie, Louis
Grenada 2003-03-23 Joseph, Shalrie
Guatemala 1996-04-06 Rodas, Jorge
Guyana 2009-03-21 Richardson, Gregory
Haiti 1996-07-11 Tardieu, Patrick
Honduras 1997-04-19 Cruz, Arnold
Hungary 1997-04-12 Urbanyi, Istvan
Chhetri, Sunil
Iran 1996-04-13 Noamouz, Arash
Ireland 1996-04-20 Keegan, Paul
Israel 2005-04-02 Melamed, Guy
Italy 1996-04-13 Galderisi, Giuseppe
Jamaica 1996-04-14 Butler, Altimont
Japan 2007-07-10 Kimura, Kosuke
Hscanovics, Raivis
Liberia 1997-08-15 Shannon, Musa
Lithuania 2009-07-04 Jankauskas, Edgaras
Malawi 2003-10-01 Geddes, Jorge
Mali 2002-08-10 Kante, Daouda
Mexico 1996-04-13 Campos, Jorge
Boskovic, Branko
Morocco 2006-04-02 Ballouchy, Mehdi
Mozambique 1997-03-29 Conde, Chiquinho
Netherlands 1996-08-29 de Vries, Raimo
New Zealand 1999-05-23 Elliott, Simon
Nigeria 1996-04-06 Emenalo, Michael

Iroha, Ben
Northern Ireland 2002-03-23 Morrow, Steve
Palestine 2000-04-08 Asad, Shaker
Panama 1999-03-20 Dely Valdes, Jorge
Paraguay 2008-07-01 Marmol, Lider
Peru 1998-03-21 Tamashiro, Jerry
Poland 1996-06-19 Warzycha, Robert
Portugal 1998-04-04 Rocha, Carlos
Puerto Rico 1996-07-21 Villegas, Petter
Romania 2003-05-14 Zotinca, Alex
Russia 2002-06-01 Simutenkov, Igor
Scotland 1996-05-02 Johnston, Mo
Senegal 2000-04-01 Diallo, Mamadou
Serbia 1996-05-11 Vuckovic, Bojan
Sierra Leone 2000-03-25 Conteh, Abdul Thompson
Slovakia 1996-04-13 Weiszmann, Richard
South Africa 1996-04-13 Khumalo, Doctor

McKinley, Ivan
South Korea 2003-03-16 Myung-Bo, Hong
Spain 2000-07-15 Morales, Jose Luis
St. Kitts 2006-04-02 Harris, Atiba
St. Vincent 1997-04-26 Hendrickson, Ezra
Sweden 1998-03-21 Eriksson, Jan

Ravelli, Thomas
Switzerland 1997-05-04 Sutter, Alain
Togo 2005-04-16 Ibrahim, Abbe
Trinidad 1996-04-13 Wise, Evans
Turks & Caicos 2002-03-23 Glinton, Gavin
Uganda 2000-07-08 Byaruhanga, Peter
Ukraine 1999-04-03 Kovalenko, Dema
Uruguay 1996-04-13 Paz, Adrian
USA 1996-04-06 Agoos, Jeff

Baicher, Jeff

Bravo, Paul

Causey, Jeff

Dayak, Troy

Doyle, John

Harkes, John

Lee, Thor

Liner, Tom

Martin, Tim

Medved, Shawn

Williams, Richie

Wynalda, Eric
Venezuela 1996-04-13 Savarese, Giovanni
Wales 2004-04-17 Dorman, Andy
Zimbabwe 1996-04-13 Takawira, Vitalis



As usual, there's been a number of new players coming into the league this season from all over the world. It's pretty exciting to see these players come in when it gets a big reaction in their home country - just look at the media coverage for India's Sunil Chhetri, now with the Kansas City Wizards. Or, how about the reaction from the Estonian fans over NY's signing, Joel Lindpere?

But what's interesting, besides the reaction, is that those two are both the first MLS players in league history from India and Estonia. Two more big countries were knocked off the list recently as well: Australia (Danny Allsopp) and Latvia (Raivis Hscanovics). I think that's all the new nationalities for this season so far, right? I'm only counting those who have played an official game.

Those four now make the MLS all time total number of nationalities 93, out of 208 FIFA members.

Here is where I'll post which countries are taken off the list when it happens.

I expect the next one to get knocked off will be Moldova, thanks to the Wizards' Igor Kostrov. If the Red Bulls' academy signing Giorgi Chirgadze gets healthy, then Georgia could follow.


Montengro is off the list as DP Branko Boskovic gets into the DC-SEA match during the second half.

This is actually a tricky case depending on how you count Refik Sabanadzovic (the former KC Wizards player, 1998-99), who is apparently considered a Bosnian who born in Montenegro. However, it was Yugoslavia when he was born, and he played for the Yugoslavian national team. Serbia is considered to be the same national team as Yugoslavia by FIFA, so I count him as Serbian.

Also, a while ago KC waived Igor Kostrov which will deprive us the opportunity to see Moldova filled. Georgian Giorgi Chirgadze remains injured.


Yura Movsisyan, who always considered himself Armenian despite being born in neighboring Azerbaijan, has been capped by the Armenian national team. Harut Karapetyan was the first Armenia player in MLS, so he's not breaking any new ground there. However, Movsisyan was the only Azerbaijani player, which means that Azerbaijan is now back on the needed list of nationalities and we're back to only 93.

On another note, Greek player Nikos Kounenakis was signed by KC, which means that the highest ranked country missing could soon be filled.


Monday, April 26, 2010

YA Squads: Then & Now

One of the most interesting developments in US soccer over this World Cup cycle is the migration of American talent to Europe. The number of yanks abroad has been steadily increasing, as are the contributions to their teams:

World Cup Squad Breakdowns

1998 16 6
2002 11 12
2006 11 12

Even though the breakdown was the same for 2002 and 2006, it's clear that the amount of YA talent increased dramatically. That's continued to happen, and now as the 2010 World Cup approaches, it's possible that only five or fewer MLS players could make the roster. Quite a reversal from 1998. I wonder when the high point will be, since I'm sure most of us believe MLS will continue to increase in quality and therefore bring the numbers back down eventually. We should probably still have a clear YA advantage in 2014 as well. I'd really like to see how a foreign coach would handle things.

Below is what a 23 man top YA squad looked like before the 2002/2006 cups and today. I posted on this four years ago, and I thought it was time to revisit it to pick the 2010 team. I'm picking players mostly based on their status with the national team, and I'm not taking injuries into account. I'll also pick players like Brad Friedel who are retired from the USA, but are still YA's.

2002 YA Squad

Starters: Friedel, Regis, Vanney, Berhalter, Sanneh, Lewis, O'Brien, Reyna, Stewart, Kirovski, Moore

Bench: Keller, Walker, Hejduk, Cherundolo, Gibson, Thorrington, Palomares, Lawson, Enochs, J.Beasley, Mason, Casey

Very little to choose from, and virtually no depth. It's a real stretch to even get to 23 players, not to mention that many of the first xi barely played for their clubs.

2006 YA Squad

Starters: Friedel, Bocanegra, Gibbs, Onyewu, Cherundolo, Lewis, O'Brien, Reyna, Beasley, Casey, McBride

Bench: Keller, Howard, Berhalter, Califf, Pearce, Spector, Bradley, Corrales, Feilhaber, Convey, J. Johnson, Nguyen

Much better. Solid defensively, but weak up top. Maybe a 4-5-1 with Convey starting in place of Casey would've been more realistic at the time.

2010 YA Squad

Starters: Howard, Bocanegra, DeMerit, Onyewu, Spector, Bradley, Clark, Dempsey, Holden, Davies, Altidore

Bench: Friedel, Guzan, Goodson, Cherundolo, Edu, Torres, Beasley, Feilhaber, Adu, Cooper, Johnson, Gomez

No doubt an improvement in attacking talent, though there may be a depth issue on defense. I was pretty generous in picking Adu for the final spot (I still believe!) over Bedoya, but I don't think there's much arguing against the rest of the spots. You could possibly argue for another defender (Castillo/Parkhurst/Simek) over Cooper or Johnson, but those two have been a bigger part of the USMNT in the past year. Aside from those three and Friedel, this could be the World Cup squad.

I've also decided to leave off Jermaine Jones, since he's done nothing since his announcement.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

OTFATT 2010: Update #1

OTFATT is short for "On the field, all the time." In these updates throughout the season, I'll be keeping track of which MLS players have played every minute of every game (regular season only). That feat has been accomplished 39 times in 14 seasons by 29 different players. Click here for the complete list.

A month into the season, and out of the 176 opening day starters, 66 remain. It's interesting that only two teams have had to use a second goalkeeper so far. Last year at this time, 8/14 teams had already used multiple keepers, as they seemed to be dropping like flies. For 2010, we're probably going to see a more normal number of them on the list as the weeks go on.

Two rookies remain, both center backs: Ike Opara and Tim Ream. An article suggests that Opara could miss this week's match due to conflicts with finishing his degree, we'll see. At least that's a more valid reason than attending prom (Jozy Altidore) or your sister's wedding (Mark Lisi).

The only players left who've played every minute before are Joe Cannon, Todd Dunivant, Nick Rimando, and Pat Onstad. I also should mention that due to Kevin Hartman's new status as a backup, his three season record streak of playing every regular season minute ended. That may take a really long time to break.

Who do I like the most to survive this year? Among field players, given the past New England players to make it, Cory Gibbs seems to have a decent shot. Others that stand out are Nana Attakora, Omar Gonzalez, Drew Moor, and Ream.

BTW,'s stats are still ridiculously messed up - notice any players missing on the KC stats page, for example? They're not the only team, either. The site is still a joke.

Remaining Candidates (66)

2 CHI Brown, Dykstra
4 CHV Bornstein, Kljestan, Trujillo, Umana
6 CLB Barros Schelotto, Carroll, Hesmer, Iro, Moffat, O'Rourke
6 COL Casey, Cummings, Larentowicz, Moor, Pickens, Wynne
5 DAL Cunningham, Ferreira, Harris, Hernandez, John
4 DC Morsink, Perkins, Quaranta, Wallace
3 HOU Chabala, Hainault, Onstad
4 KC Arnaud, Auvray, Harrington, Nielsen
4 LA Donovan, Dunivant, Gonzalez, Ricketts
3 NE Burpo, Gibbs, Niouky
6 NY Angel, Coundoul, Hall, Lindpere, Petke, Ream
4 PHI Harvey, Le Toux, Orozco, Seitz
4 RSL Beckerman, Olave, Rimando, Russell
4 SEA Alonso, Hurtado, Keller, Marshall
4 SJ Cannon, Corrales, Hernandez, Opara
3 TOR Attakora, De Rosario, Frei


Monday, April 19, 2010

MLS 2010 - Week 4 Notes

1) Edson Buddle's hot streak continues. He's now scored 7 times in four games, and according to the MLS web site, he's "...became the first player in MLS history to score his team’s first seven goals to start off a season." When I heard that, I immediately had to check because I remember Giovanni Savarese being the only early source of goals for the 1996 NY/NJ Metrostars. It turns out that while Savarese did score 8 goals to start the season before anyone else on the team scored, there was an own goal in there. So Buddle indeed ranks ahead of him.

2) More age-related milestones: 17 year old Omar Jasseh (who?) played for San Jose in the Open Cup qualifying loss to RSL last Wednesday. He's another young Gambian, and he signed officially on the day of the game. He became the 13th youngest player in all competitions, and also the youngest player in Earthquakes history.

I've also updated the oldest debuts page, since Juan Manuel Pena played a couple weeks ago and entered at 8th on that list.

Also, a reminder - we're less than three weeks away from Pat Onstad becoming the league's oldest player of all time.

3) DC United is a stunning 0-4. Most people weren't predicting greatness, but this is a bad start of epic proportions. They're only the third team in league history to start off 0-4 after 2001 NE and 2007 TOR. The record is 6 straight losses, by that Revs team.

United is now tied with Chivas for the offense so far this season. Should we be surprised? It was something I was wondering about before the season. DC has been in the top half of the league on offense for 6 straight years (2-1-1-1-7-2), but they hired a head coach who turned KC into one of the league's worst in that category (5-12-13).

On the other hand, LA is now the second team to go 4-0 after 1996 LA (who started 8-0). They've now gone 11 matches without a loss in all competitions since last October (remember, the MLS Cup counts as a draw).

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Multiple Year Goal Totals

Bumped and edited through 2009.

Here it is: A list of who has scored the most MLS regular season goals in periods of two, three, four, and five years.

If you're looking for single season totals, click here.

Two Consecutive Seasons

1 John, Stern 1998-99 44 CLB
2 Ruiz, Carlos 2002-03 39 LA
3 Diaz Arce, Raul 1996-97 38 DC
3 Twellman, Taylor 2002-03 38 NE
5 Lassiter, Roy 1996-97 37 TB
6 Lassiter, Roy 1998-99 36 TB-DC
7 Diallo, Mamadou 2000-01 35 TB
8 Angel, Juan Pablo 2007-08 33 NY
8 Diaz Arce, Raul 1997-98 33 DC-NE
10 Donovan, Landon 2008-09 32 LA
10 Moreno, Jaime 1997-98 32 DC
10 Razov, Ante 1999-00 32 CHI

Nobody has ever posted consecutive 20 goal seasons, or even done it more than once.

Three Consecutive Seasons

1 Diaz Arce, Raul 1996-98 56 DC-NE
2 Lassiter, Roy 1996-98 55 TB-DC
3 Ruiz, Carlos 2002-04 50 LA
4 Diallo, Mamadou 2000-02 47 TB-NE-NY
4 Twellman, Taylor 2002-04 47 NE
6 Diaz Arce, Raul 1997-99 46 DC-NE-SJ-TB
6 Lassiter, Roy 1997-99 46 TB-DC
8 Angel, Juan Pablo 2007-09 45 NY
9 Lassiter, Roy 1998-00 44 TB-DC-MIA
9 Twellman, Taylor 2005-07 44 NE

Diaz Arce and Lassiter were at the 18 goal per year pace for the first three seasons. Landon needs 25 goals this season to break the record, which goes to show you just what kind of rate will be needed to get the top spot. Ruiz and Twellman both had decent chances going into 2004, but couldn't do it. Conor Casey would need another 17 goals to reach 44 this year.

Four Consecutive Seasons

1 Lassiter, Roy 1996-99 73 TB-DC
2 Diaz Arce, Raul 1996-99 69 DC-NE-SJ-TB
3 Twellman, Taylor 2002-05 64 NE
4 Ruiz, Carlos 2002-05 61 LA-DAL
5 Diaz Arce, Raul 1997-00 55 DC-NE-SJ-TB-DC
6 Lassiter, Roy 1997-00 54 TB-DC-MIA
6 Moreno, Jaime 1997-00 54 DC
8 Twellman, Taylor 2004-07 53 NE
9 Donovan, Landon 2005-08 52 LA
9 Donovan, Landon 2006-09 52 LA
9 Serna, Diego 1998-01 52 MIA
9 Twellman, Taylor 2003-06 52 NE
9 Twellman, Taylor 2005-08 52 NE

Serna is recognized here for his steady production. Moreno, another steady producer, fares better here as well. Lassiter's still over 18 per year. Angel should be a lock to make the top ten after the year is over.

Five Consecutive Seasons

1 Lassiter, Roy 1996-00 81 TB-DC-MIA
2 Diaz Arce, Raul 1996-00 78 DC-NE-SJ-TB-DC
3 Twellman, Taylor 2002-06 75 NE
4 Ruiz, Carlos 2002-06 74 LA-DAL
5 Twellman, Taylor 2003-07 68 NE
6 Donovan, Landon 2005-09 64 LA
7 Moreno, Jaime 1997-01 63 DC
8 Razov, Ante 1999-03 62 CHI
9 Twellman, Taylor 2004-08 61 NE
9 Lassiter, Roy 1997-01 61 TB-DC-MIA-KC

Razov didn't make the 3 or 4 year top ten, but he makes this one. Donovan's body of work with the Galaxy fares pretty well also. If he scores more than 12 this year, he can beat his 2005-09 total for 2006-10.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Playoffs, Over .500, and Under .500 Streaks (Updated: April 2010)

This is the list of the USA's longest streaks among major professional sports teams (the top 5 leagues). Over and under .500 is considered to be when there are more/fewer wins than losses (so draws are counted as half of each), and for the NHL OT losses are counted the same as regular losses.

Playoff Streaks

1 Detroit Red Wings NHL 19
2 San Antonio Spurs NBA 13
2 New Jersey Devils NHL 13
4 Dallas Mavericks NBA 10
5 New England Revolution MLS 8
5 Indianapolis Colts NFL 8
7 Denver Nuggets NBA 7
8 San Jose Sharks NHL 6
9 Chicago Fire MLS 5
9 Cleveland Cavaliers NBA 5
9 Los Angeles Lakers NBA 5
12 Chivas USA MLS 4
12 Houston Dynamo MLS 4
12 Orlando Magic NBA 4
12 Utah Jazz NBA 4
12 San Diego Chargers NFL 4
12 Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 4
18 Boston Red Sox MLB 3
18 Los Angeles Angels MLB 3
18 Philadelphia Phillies MLB 3
18 Atlanta Hawks NBA 3
18 Boston Celtics NBA 3
18 Boston Bruins NHL 3
18 Montreal Canadiens NHL 3
18 Philadelphia Flyers NHL 3
18 Washington Capitals NHL 3
27 Los Angeles Dodgers MLB 2
27 Columbus Crew MLS 2
27 Real Salt Lake MLS 2
27 Chicago Bulls NBA 2
27 Miami Heat NBA 2
27 Portland Trailblazers NBA 2
27 Arizona Cardinals NFL 2
27 Baltimore Ravens NFL 2
27 Minnesota Vikings NFL 2
27 Philadelphia Eagles NFL 2
27 Chicago Blackhawks NHL 2
27 Vancouver Canucks NHL 2
39 Colorado Rockies MLB 1
39 Minnesota Twins MLB 1
39 New York Yankees MLB 1
39 Saint Louis Cardinals MLB 1
39 Los Angeles Galaxy MLS 1
39 Seattle Sounders FC MLS 1
39 Charlotte Bobcats NBA 1
39 Milwaukee Bucks NBA 1
39 Oklahoma City NBA 1
39 Phoenix Suns NBA 1
39 Cincinnati Bengals NFL 1
39 Dallas Cowboys NFL 1
39 Green Bay Packers NFL 1
39 New England Patriots NFL 1
39 New Orleans Saints NFL 1
39 New York Jets NFL 1
39 Buffalo Sabres NHL 1
39 Colorado Avalanche NHL 1
39 Los Angeles Kings NHL 1
39 Nashville Predators NHL 1
39 Ottawa Senators NHL 1
39 Phoenix Coyotes NHL 1

The big news is that the Detroit Pistons' 8 year streak is now over. Revs now tied for 5th longest current playoff streak in American sports, and the Fire are tied for 9th. The Red Wings looked like they were going to blow it for a while there, but they ended up qualifying comfortably.

Over .500 Streaks

1 Detroit Red Wings NHL 18
1 New Jersey Devils NHL 18
3 New York Yankees MLB 17
4 San Antonio Spurs NBA 13
5 Boston Red Sox MLB 12
6 Dallas Mavericks NBA 10
7 New England Patriots NFL 9
8 Indianapolis Colts NFL 8
9 Philadelphia Phillies MLB 7
9 Denver Nuggets NBA 7
11 Los Angeles Angels MLB 6
11 Cleveland Cavaliers NBA 6
11 Phoenix Suns NBA 6
11 San Jose Sharks NHL 6
15 New England Revolution MLS 5
15 Los Angeles Lakers NBA 5
15 Dallas Cowboys NFL 5
18 Los Angeles Dodgers MLB 4
18 Chivas USA MLS 4
18 Houston Dynamo MLS 4
18 Houston Rockets NBA 4
18 Utah Jazz NBA 4
18 Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 4
24 Chicago Cubs MLB 3
24 Boston Celtics NBA 3
24 Orlando Magic NBA 3
24 Pittsburgh Steelers NFL 3
24 Washington Capitals NHL 3
29 Florida Marlins MLB 2
29 Minnesota Twins MLB 2
29 Saint Louis Cardinals MLB 2
29 Tampa Bay Rays MLB 2
29 Chicago Fire MLS 2
29 Columbus Crew MLS 2
29 Atlanta Hawks NBA 2
29 Miami Heat NBA 2
29 Portland Trailblazers NBA 2
29 Arizona Cardinals NFL 2
29 Atlanta Falcons NFL 2
29 Baltimore Ravens NFL 2
29 Minnesota Vikings NFL 2
29 New York Jets NFL 2
29 Philadelphia Eagles NFL 2
29 Chicago Blackhawks NHL 2
29 Vancouver Canucks NHL 2
46 Atlanta Braves MLB 1
46 Colorado Rockies MLB 1
46 Detroit Tigers MLB 1
46 San Francisco Giants MLB 1
46 Seattle Mariners MLB 1
46 Texas Rangers MLB 1
46 DC United MLS 1
46 Los Angeles Galaxy MLS 1
46 Seattle Sounders FC MLS 1
46 Charlotte Bobcats NBA 1
46 Milwaukee Bucks NBA 1
46 Oklahoma City Thunder NBA 1
46 Cincinnati Bengals NFL 1
46 Green Bay Packers NFL 1
46 Houston Texans NFL 1
46 New Orleans Saints NFL 1
46 San Diego Chargers NFL 1
46 Buffalo Sabres NHL 1
46 Colorado Avalanche NHL 1
46 Los Angeles Kings NHL 1
46 Nashville Predators NHL 1
46 Ottawa Senators NHL 1
46 Phoenix Coyotes NHL 1

Only one of the top 15 teams from a year ago fell off: the Calgary Flames. They had to work hard to miss out, losing their last four straight to finish 40-42.

Under .500 Streaks

1 Pittsburgh Pirates MLB 17
2 Baltimore Orioles MLB 12
3 Cincinnati Reds MLB 9
3 New York Knicks NBA 9
3 Detroit Lions NFL 9
6 Oakland Raiders NFL 7
7 Kansas City Royals MLB 6
8 Minnesota Timberwolves NBA 5
8 Buffalo Bills NFL 5
8 New York Islanders NHL 5
11 Washington Nationals MLB 4
11 Indiana Pacers NBA 4
11 Los Angeles Clippers NBA 4
11 Memphis Grizzlies NBA 4
11 Sacramento Kings NBA 4
11 Toronto Maple Leafs NHL 4
17 Oakland Athletics MLB 3
17 Toronto FC MLS 3
17 New Jersey Nets NBA 3
17 Kansas City Chiefs NFL 3
17 Saint Louis Rams NFL 3
17 Atlanta Thrashers NHL 3
17 Tampa Bay Lightning NHL 3
24 San Diego Padres MLB 2
24 FC Dallas MLS 2
24 New York Red Bulls MLS 2
24 San Jose Earthquakes MLS 2
24 Detroit Pistons NBA 2
24 Golden State Warriors NBA 2
24 Toronto Raptors NBA 2
24 Washington Wizards NBA 2
24 Cleveland Browns NFL 2
24 Jacksonville Jaguars NFL 2
24 Seattle Seahawks NFL 2
24 Dallas Stars NHL 2
24 Edmonton Oilers NHL 2
24 Minnesota Wild NHL 2
38 Arizona Diamondbacks MLB 1
38 Chicago White Sox MLB 1
38 Cleveland Indians MLB 1
38 Houston Astros MLB 1
38 Milwaukee Brewers MLB 1
38 New York Mets MLB 1
38 Kansas City MLS 1
38 Real Salt Lake MLS 1
38 New Orleans Hornets NBA 1
38 Philadelphia 76ers NBA 1
38 Chicago Bears NFL 1
38 Miami Dolphins NFL 1
38 Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL 1
38 Washington Redskins NFL 1
38 Anaheim Ducks NHL 1
38 Boston Bruins NHL 1
38 Calgary Flames NHL 1
38 Carolina Hurricanes NHL 1
38 Columbus Blue Jackets NHL 1
38 Florida Panthers NHL 1
38 Montreal Canadiens NHL 1
38 New York Rangers NHL 1
38 Saint Louis Blues NHL 1

The 49ers, Bobcats, Bucks, and Coyotes all ended streaks of 5 or 6 years.

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