Friday, March 09, 2012

MLS Lineup Database 1996-2011

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Sorry for not posting this earlier. I've been double checking quite a bit of stuff, and corrected some errors from last year. I'm sure it's still not perfect, though. Many thanks to Jason Barber who pointed out some inconsistencies.

I didn't include a list of players this time because I still need to determine the correct birthdates for some of them. There's several who have different dob's depending on where you look. Or even in the same place - in this year's Chicago Fire media guide, Jalil Anibaba (10/18 or 10/19) and Pari Pantazopolous (9/14 or 9/17) have two different ones in different sections.

Also, I realized after the season while double checking stuff that some of the birthdates I had used previously for various stats were wrong. That's because when I originally entered all of them years ago, I used the 2006 MLS Fact & Record Book. Turns out that book had a decent number of errors/typos for those dates. Most of them by less than a month, but I did have Chris Wondolowski as being born on July 28th instead of January 28th - that's what it was in the book.

I'll post an updated player list eventually.

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