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MLS: Top 25 Goalscorers History - 1997

As we move on to include MLS' second season, the "bottom line," or the number of goals to make the list, doubled from 6 to 12. Along with 2002, that increase of 6 goals was the highest of any one season (and probably will be forever).

Due to ties, 27 men made the list in 1996 and 28 in 1997. 6 men fell off the list in 1997, while 7 more made their debuts.

Raul Diaz Arce, DC- 38
2) Roy Lassiter, TB - 37

Diaz Arce takes over the top spot in what would be a back and forth battle for years for the alltime goalscoring crown. It wasn't just close at the end of this season, they would go back and forth at the top for a few more years. According to my data, there was only one change this year, on 4/26/1997, when Diaz Arce got to the top. However, that was done pre-lineup database, so I'll be sure to double check it soon.

3) Preki, KC - 30
4) Eduardo Hurtado, LA - 29

3rd and 4th place would be their highest positions on these year end charts. It's all downhill from here (for a bunch of others too, but I'm not gonna point out every one).

5) Giovanni Savarese, MET - 27
6) Brian McBride, CLB - 23

7) Paul Bravo, COL - 21

Traded to the Rapids. He's currently still their alltime leading scorer.

7) Jason Kreis, DAL - 21
7) Vitalis Takawira, KC - 21
10) Pete Marino, CLB - 19

10) Jaime Moreno, DC - 19

Jumped on here thanks to 16 goals, the start of a long trek towards the top.

12) Mark Chung, KC - 18

13) Antony De Avila, MET - 15

Up 9 spots, the most of any player. Too bad he's gone after the season.

13) Joe-Max Moore, NE - 15

13) Steve Rammel, DC/COL - 15

Also traded to the Rapids. Rammel fell 7 spots, most of anyone who didn't drop out.

13) Eric Wynalda, SJ - 15
17) Cobi Jones, LA - 14
17) Harut Karapetyan, LA - 14
17) Welton, LA - 14
20) Jeff Baicher, SJ - 13
20) Alberto Naveda, NE - 13
20) Dante Washington, DAL - 13
23) Ronald Cerritos, SJ - 12
23) Gerell Elliot, DAL - 12

Giuseppe Galderisi, TB/NE - 12

Actually traded back to the Revs, where he started in 1996.

23) Mo Johnston, KC - 12
23) Lawrence Lozzano, SJ - 12

Since I didn't get into soccer until 2000, I have no memory of some of these guys. Lozzano is one of them. I hear he sucked, though.

23) Steve Ralston, TB - 12

Ralston has somehow managed to stay on this list every season to the present day. He gets little share of goals every year.

Falling off the list (with last year's rank)

Jean Harbor (11, tie)
Missael Espinoza (14, tie)
Shaun Bartlett (16, tie)
Marcelo Balboa (18, tie)
Adrian Paz (22, tie)
Hugo Sanchez (22, tie)

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:33 PM, March 21, 2006) : 

Lozzano is a very interesting case; he was a defender his first year with Dallas, then was traded to SJ and became a forward. His MLS career ended with 1999 Metros, when he played all over the field (someone had to).

Rammel was traded to Metro after the season, played during preseason, and then retired. Another great Metro trade for the ages.


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