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State Attendance Records

These are the largest crowds I've been able to find for soccer games in each state and Washington DC. I have a list of the teams involved, but I thought it would be too cluttered.

If you know of any attendance figures higher than these, please let me know. I didn't put anything for the bottom three states because I couldn't find any crowds over 1,000.

Thanks to many people from this thread on Bigsoccer.

California 101,799 Olympics 1984-08-11
Georgia 86,117 Olympics 1996-08-03
Alabama 83,810 Olympics 1996-07-20
Texas 82,252 Gold Cup 2009-07-19

Gold Cup
New Jersey 79,156 Gold Cup 2009-07-26
Michigan 77,217 World Cup 1994-06-28
Pennsylvania 68,396 Friendly 2003-08-03
Massachusetts 67,584 Friendly 2007-09-12
Washington 67,052 Friendly 2011-07-20
Illinois 65,080 W.World Cup 1999-06-24

W.World Cup 1999-06-24
Arizona 64,462 Friendly 2007-02-03
North Carolina 63,227 Friendly 2010-03-24
Colorado 61,202 MLS 2002-07-04
D.C. 58,012 Olympics 1996-07-24
Minnesota 52,621 NASL 1984-05-28
Missouri 52,424 Friendly 2010-07-25
New York 46,000 Friendly 1926-05-01
Utah 45,511 Friendly 2006-08-12
Connecticut 44,579 US Cup 1993-06-06
Oregon 35,528 NASL 1977-08-28
Kentucky 35,211 W.Friendly 1999-10-10
Ohio 31,550 MLS 1996-09-15
Oklahoma 30,831 NASL 1980-04-26
Tennessee 27,958 WC Qualifying 2009-04-01
Hawaii 23,087 Pan Pacific 2008-02-23

Pan Pacific
Virginia 21,319 College 1995-12-10
Gold Cup
New Mexico 17,805 W.Friendly 2004-05-09
Louisiana 15,074 W.Friendly 2003-07-13
Indiana 14,000 P.A. Games 1987-08-21
Rhode Island 13,000 Open Cup 1918-05-04
Wisconsin 12,572 Friendly 1990-07-28
Nevada 9,736 CCC 1999-10-03

CCC 1999-10-03
Iowa 6,612 PDL 2004-06-04
South Carolina 6,456 Open Cup 1999-08-04
Mississippi 6,200 Friendly 2004-03-27
Nebraska 5,812 College 2007-09-08
Vermont 5,000 College 1989-??-??
Maine 4,254 Friendly 2001-10-20
Delaware 3,500 USISL 1994-??-??
New Hampshire 3,000 PDL 2008-06-19

3,000 PDL 2008-06-26
West Virginia 3,000 W.College 2007-11-30
South Dakota 1,811 PDL 2006-05-20
Arkansas 1,487 W.College 2005-10-07
Montana 1,100 W.College 1999-??-??
Idaho 1,059 W.College 2005-08-28
Alaska ???

North Dakota ???

Wyoming ???


  • 7/19/2009 - Gold Cup doubleheader (Costa Rica vs Guadeloupe, Mexico vs Haiti) in Arlington, Texas draws 82,252 fans. It's the grand opening of the new Dallas Cowboys stadium, and it beats the old Texas record by over 10k. The previous record was 70,550 for Barcelona vs America and Houston vs Los Angeles in Houston on 8/9/2006.
  • 7/24/2009 - Baltimore friendly between AC Milan and Chelsea draws 71,203 to the Ravens' stadium, and smashes the old Maryland mark of 54,462. That one was set during the Women's World Cup in 1999, when the US women beat Germany in the quarterfinals.
  • 7/25/2009 - New Kansas record as David Beckham comes into town. Previous mark (10,385) was set in the 2008 home opener for the Wizards.
  • 7/26/2009 - These things are falling like crazy! Three new records in three days. Gold Cup final sets a new New Jersey record. 151 more fans than the 2003 Man Utd vs Juventus friendly, which was Tim Howard's debut.
  • 8/6/2009 - The record breaking summer continues. The Seattle-Barcelona friendly drew 18 more fans than the DC-Barcelona friendly three years ago to set a new Washington state record.
  • 8/9/2009 - Well, that didn't last long. The Maryland record set 16 days ago has fallen. DC vs Real Madrid draws over a thousand more fans than Chelsea vs Milan. FedEx Field has more seats than M&T Bank Stadium, so that's your difference. Apparently FedEx can hold upwards of 90,000, so there's room for this one to be broken again.
  • 8/9/2009 - I've also updated the New Hampshire record. Looking at some the New Hampshire Phantom attendances, they seemed to have drawn pretty well. There's two games a week apart that were listed at 3,000 fans; I've only listed the first one. I don't know how exact their numbers are, since almost every figure for their games is a perfectly even number. I wonder how they got those big crowds? Last year, they had many crowds in the high 2,000's, whereas this year the opener had 2,500 but the rest are in the hundreds.
  • 3/24/2010 - Smashed. That's all you can say about the North Carolina record. Mexico's friendly with Iceland more than tripled the previous mark, which was the ASL final from 1981.
  • 7/25/2010 - The Kansas City Wizards hosted their highest profile friendly ever, against Manchester United. The result saw the previous record of 37,591 fans (for the USA-Costa Rica WCQ in 2001) beaten by over 15,000. Man Utd now are a part of two state records, this and Pennsylvania (vs Barcelona).
  • 6/9/2011 - New Kansas record for the opening of Livestrong Sporting Park, KC vs CHI: 19,925.
  • 6/14/2011 - Well, that didn't last long: the Gold Cup doubleheader (Canada vs Panama, USA vs Guadeloupe) set a new Kansas record at the same stadium: 20,109.
  • 7/30/2011 - A new Maryland record as 81,708 watch Man Utd and Barcelona in Landover at FedEx Field. MD jumps up two spots and now has the 5th highest record of any state.
  • 8/3/2011 - The summer friendly season has claimed another state. This time it's Florida, which gets 70,080 in Miami for Barcelona and Guadalajara. That breaks the record set in the 1994 World Cup, 62,387 for Belgium vs Netherlands in Orlando.
  • 8/9/2011 - Whoops, I missed updating the Washington record, which was broken by Man Utd vs Seattle. The total of 67,052 beats the Seattle-Barca friendly from two years ago by 204 fans.

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Comments on "State Attendance Records"


Blogger UtahGamer said ... (9:39 AM, August 13, 2006) : 

You need to revise the figure for Utah to 45,511. last night (August 12, 2006) Real Salt Lake hosted a friendly with Real Madrid before a sell-out of the entire Rice Eccles stadium. Real Madrid 2:0 Real Salt Lake.


Blogger scaryice said ... (1:20 AM, August 14, 2006) : 

yeah, i noticed. thanks.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:50 PM, August 14, 2006) : 

I was a second away from pointing out that the New York number was off, then I remembered Giants stadium is in NJ. I figured I'd post this comment in case anyone else had a similar thought.


Blogger Doug said ... (9:40 AM, July 20, 2009) : 

A friendly match drew 46,000 in 1905?

What was this match?


Anonymous Mark said ... (8:17 PM, July 20, 2009) : 

Hakoah Vienna- an almost entirely Jewish team- played at the Polo Grounds in NYC and drew a sellout crowd. According to wikipedia, the match took place in 1926.


Blogger scaryice said ... (11:46 PM, July 20, 2009) : 

Yeah, that's the match. I don't where I got the 1905 date from.

Actually, the NY record could be considered to be 61,000. I'm not sure how they counted it back then, but apparently there were that many tickets sold for a match in 1947.

Probably should count.


Blogger scaryice said ... (11:48 PM, July 20, 2009) : 

Of course, another link only says that match sold 53,000 tickets and the actual match reports only list 43k something. I think the confusion is why I didn't replace the 46k number.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:22 PM, July 30, 2009) : 

New Jersey 7-26-09 ..... sadly not a friendly

The Mexican fans and players took it seriously even if the Americans didn't


Blogger scaryice said ... (2:56 AM, July 31, 2009) : 

corrected, thanks


Anonymous Tar Heel Guy said ... (7:40 AM, August 10, 2009) : 

The North Carolina match you're referring to was in Charlotte on Sept. 18, 1981: The Carolina Lightnin' over New York United in the ASL championship, 2-1.

Don't be thrown off the 9/19 pub date and the word "tonight." I was there -- it was Friday, the 18th. (Indeed, the Nexis record of the NYT article shows a "Charlotte, Sept. 18" dateline, but it's been omitted from this web archive for whatever reason.)

That match turned me into a lifelong soccer fan.


Anonymous Tar Heel Guy said ... (7:44 AM, August 10, 2009) : 

Oh, and scaryice: Have you played around much yet with Wolfram Alpha?

It's still riddled with issues, but I know baseball geeks are churning out some crazy stats from it.


Blogger scaryice said ... (11:01 PM, August 10, 2009) : 

Thanks for the date. I already have the teams and scores from almost all these games, I just wanted to keep the page simple.

I hadn't heard of Wolfram Alpha, but it looks neat.


Anonymous Tar Heel Guy said ... (7:20 AM, August 11, 2009) : 

I was just providing the N.C. info because you have the date listed as "1981-09-??"

So I figured you'd never managed to track it down. (And little surprise -- there's hardly any info about it on the web.)


Blogger Jay said ... (4:47 PM, August 11, 2009) : 

I think the Tennessee record is incorrect. It was announced at the April 1 qualifier against T&T that the game set the record for largest soccer crowd in the state of Tennessee.


Blogger scaryice said ... (6:22 AM, August 12, 2009) : 

That's correct James. Thanks for pointing that out.


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