Friday, March 06, 2009

More MLSnet Errors

A couple years ago, I made a post detailing many errors on the league's official site. Now, I've got a few more to add. The following seasons are missing from the MLSnet player register:

Bardales, Isaias
Cann, Adrian
Carrieri, Chris
Herdsman, Stephen 2003
Hernandez, Daniel 2003
Retiz, Jose 2003
Torres, Daniel 2003
Traeger, Jake

Also, any goalkeeper who spent time as a field player has their minutes played messed up. The stats listed only include time spent in goal. This affects 11 seasons:

Campos, Jorge 1996
Campos, Jorge 1997
Dougherty, Mark 1997
Meola, Tony 1997
Campos, Jorge 1998
Causey, Jeff 2001
Coutness, D.J. 2003
Howard, Tim 2003
Meola, Tony 2003
Reis, Matt 2003
Singer, Kyle 2003

A couple more players seem to have the wrong number of minutes played, all for the 2004 season: Bobby Convey and Ronald Cerritos for DC, and David Castellanos for Colorado.


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