Thursday, March 25, 2010

MLS 2010 Predicted Order Of Finish

Getting my picks in at the last second. I was going to list all the picks from the top US soccer sites, but many don't even have a specific order.

This season, the drop off from Chicago and NE means that the west looks much stronger on paper.


1) *Columbus - Virtually unchanged and a clear favorite in the East.
2) *Toronto - It's not that they're better, just that the teams who were above them now look worse.
3) *Chicago - Lost several Best XI caliber players, unlikely that replacements will all pan out.
4) New York - Sure to be the most improved team, but even a 0.50 PPG improvement leaves them only average.
5) DC United - Offense looks worse, defense looks better. So that's a wash.
6) New England - Has to be the year they fail to make the playoffs, right?
7) Kansas City - Lots of newcomers, but few of them look like difference makers.
8) Philadelphia - Lacks firepower and unlike Seattle last year, didn't bring in outside talent.


1) *Seattle Sounders - The one top contender to actually look stronger.
2) *Real Salt Lake - Should finally have a winning record.
3) *Los Angeles Galaxy - Probably overachieved a bit last year.
4) *Houston Dynamo - Depth is still great, though the attack may stutter.
5) *Colorado Rapids - Defense should improve, they just need their forwards to repeat last year's good showing.
6) FC Dallas - Ending strong in 2009 doesn't mean a strong 2010 (see SJ last year).
7) San Jose Earthquakes - Unless Convey and Opara are outstanding...
8) CD Chivas USA - Expect the defense to fall off.

* denotes playoff team.

MLS Cup: Seattle over Columbus


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