Thursday, June 30, 2005

The 5,000th MLS Goal

...should happen very soon.

Going into this season the number was 4,672 (regular season only). This year 250 goals have been scored already, for a total of 4,922, only 78 away. Going by this season's goals per game average (2.78), goal number 5,000 should be scored on August 6.

Milestone Goals

1-Eric Wynalda, SJ vs DC (4/6/96)
500-Ben Iroha, SJ vs DAL (9/11/96)
1,000-Thomas Dooley, CLB vs KC (9/14/97)
2,000-Alex Bunbury, KC at TB (7/3/99)
3,000-Sasha Victorine, LA @ TB (5/9/01) (EDIT)
4,000-Mark Chung, COL vs LA (6/25/03)

Because I did this myself, I can't be 100% positive about this. On the 3,000 goal, going into 4/22 the total was sitting on 2,993. Three games started at the same time, and judging by the minutes of the goals, Balboa gets it. He scored in the 55th minute of that game, while Dema Kovalenko scored in the 59th minute of NE-CHI. Of course, I have no idea if maybe there was a delay, or a lot of first half stoppage time in one game, etc. There's a similar situation with the 1,000th goal. But I'm pretty confident of this list.

EDIT, 8/2: Finally, MLS has noticed. Of course, I did end up having one of the goals wrong. Victorine scored the 3,000th in 2001. They were at 2,907 entering the year, and apparently I was using the 93rd goal of 2000 instead...that sucks.

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