Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Panama game tonight

I'd like to give a final prediction before each national team, so here we go:

The weather is pretty much the same as it was last time, where it was rainy with a ridiculously waterlogged field. That means that the game will be less skillful and more physical (I almost hate to say it, but maybe we should start Casey over Wolff), which helps Panama. Still, we seem to have improved our away form in the 2006 qualifiers, with 8 points in five semifinal/final round games. Four years ago, we had 9 points in eight games.

We are the more skilled team, and we should win. Anything less would be disappointing, even on the road. The USA are just a much more talented team. We always seem to win games handily without blowing teams out, so I'm guessing that pattern will continue tonight.

Prediction: Panama 0-2 USA

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