Tuesday, June 14, 2005

"Pizza Hut Park"

FC Dallas delivers naming rights deal early

Great news for the future of MLS. Becoming profitable is what will allow the league to become bigger and more popular. It is then they'll have the money to increase the salary cap, buy better players, spend more on marketing, all of which will increase attendance, which leads to more sponsorship and tv money, etc.

A few numbers: FC Dallas will get $1.25 million annually for "Pizza Hut Park." Last year, MLS announced a ten year, $150 million deal with adidas, which works out to another $1.25 million per club per year. Each team spends about $2 million on salaries, so FC Dallas has already covered that. In addition, they now control the revenue streams, including parking and concessions. It is vitally important that each team gets a stadium, which is the road to profitability. Any team that can't is not going to be around for the long haul, except New England where Robert Kraft also owns the NFL stadium.

The Metros seem to finally be finalizing the Harrison deal, five years later. Although I'm still holding my breath. Here's where each MLS team stands in regard to soccer specific stadiums:

Has a SSS

Chivas USA
Los Angeles

Will play in SSS

Chicago (2006)
Colorado (2007)
FC Dallas (2005)

In Talks

DC United
Kansas City
Real Salt Lake
San Jose

No Talks

New England

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