Monday, June 20, 2005

Sing When You're Wynne-ing

The one thing that we've learned from the World Youth Championship, is that Marvell Wynne is now the new Bigsoccer golden boy. He has played very well, that's for sure. He's a phenomenal athelete, but needs work techincally. People are already mentioning him as a candidate for the World Cup team, due to our lack of talent at RB. It seems ridiculous to say that about a guy who isn't even a professional player, but let's take a look at the other candidates at RB:

Steve Cherundolo is the certain starter, but after that it's slim pickens. Frankie Hejduk is the other option, but he'll be 31 for the World Cup and like Wynne, relies more on his athleticism than than his technically ability. Chris Albright is in the same boat, and not many people want to see him on the national team. The other MLS starters are either youngsters or journeymen, and don't inspire much confidence. Robbie Russell is the wild card. He plays for Rosenborg, the Norwegian champions, but hasn't got a look yet for the USA. He was in camp before but got hurt. The team he plays for and the articles I've read make it appear that he's good, but I've never seen him play. Anyway, it seems that Cherundolo and probably Hejduk (because he can also play LB) will make the World Cup squad, but with a great year as a pro Wynne definitely has a shot. He'll be starting somewhere next year, you can believe that. He can continue making an impression tomorrow against Italy.

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