Saturday, June 11, 2005

USA 1-0 Argentina (U20)

A huge win for the USA in the World Youth Championship today. Chad Barrett with the goal. He's looked impressive for the Fire in limited time, and has a bright future. Adu had a decent game, but he missed the penalty and really could've played better. This was the first time I got to see Feilhaber and Wynne, and they didn't disappoint. First round draft picks next year, or Euro deals before then.

The defense really was the story, as Argentina seemed to get frustrated over not scoring. They were probably unlucky not to score, and maybe should've had a draw. But it was a very nice preformance for the US. Germany and Egypt are up next for the U20s, and just like the full national team, the encouraging thing is that they can play better than this. Four third-place teams will advance, so really we only need one point from these two games. I don't know about winning the whole thing, but equaling our quarterfinal run two years ago should be the least we do.

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