Sunday, July 31, 2005

RSL's scoreless streak: Not the record after all

Earlier this year, we all heard about RSL breaking the futility record after going 557 minutes without a goal. I was looking through some old match reports, and here it talks about the Miami Fusion breaking a 457 minute streak, which was the second longest at the time. The longest? That belonged to the Colorado Rapids, at 562 minutes.

On 9/18/99, they beat Los Angeles by the score of 1-0, Dely Valdes scoring in the 41st minute. They then had the following results:

0-0 @ Kansas City (won on shootout)
0-4 @ Los Angeles
0-0 vs San Jose (won on shootout)
0-1 vs Chicago
0-2 @ Miami

That's the end of the 1999 regular season, with the streak at 499 minutes. They then lost two playoff games without scoring, but those don't count for the purposes of the regular season record. In the first game of 2000, they lost 1-2 to Los Angeles, with Bravo scoring in the 64th minute on a penalty. 499+63 = 562 minutes without a goal, five better than RSL. It's also mentioned by Beau Dure here. MLS was probably confused because it spanned two seasons (or just lazy).

So take heart RSL fans, you're not the worst of alltime. Just second worst.

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