Sunday, July 24, 2005

USA 0-0 Panama (3-1 on penalties)

A beautiful end to an ugly game. We had our chances to score, and they did too. How Panama missed those shots, I don't know (the same goes for Conrad). But we held on, and our experience showed in the shootout. Gold Cup champions, and our third title out of eight tries.

The whole tournament, we played down to the level of our opponents, and not even close to what we're capable of. Really, the only good game we had was against Jamaica. But the results are what's important, and they speak for themselves: Four wins and two draws, with 11 goals scored and 3 against. Pretty sweet. It seemed like we were destined to win, and holding Panama scoreless had much more to do with their ineptitude than our defense. Keller came up big, and was definitely our man of the match. Donovan was also impressive, and of course the newcomers Quaranta and Davis came up big. They ran at the tired Panama defense, and then were calm and collected in the shootout. Panama was so good on penalties against South Africa, but they couldn't repeat that today. Oh, and Armas, I knew you were gonna miss (I think he learned that technique from Jesse Marsch).

I'll have a player by player review in a little while, focusing on their chances for Germany 2006, Until then, here's something to enjoy:

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