Thursday, August 18, 2005

USA 1-0 Trinidad

Same old story. We win without playing our best. Antoher lackluster preformance, although it should've been 2-0 if the offsides goal counted. It was great to see Reyna and O'Brien on the field together, and Convey looked great as well...except for the chance he should've buried. I think all of us knew he was going to miss it though. Donovan was bad. He's bringing the "LA malaise" with him. The defense was solid, at least. Reyna would be my man of the match, and I just checked and they agree with me. He's still a sure starter in Germany if healthy. Anyway, now we're virtually qualified, and hopefully the boys will be fired up to beat Mexico and make it official. Bring it on.

Oh, and in MLS tonight, Matt Reis was red carded. That means only 8 players remain who have played every minute this season.

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