Sunday, August 28, 2005

YA land is a happy place

It seems that almost every YA is off to a good start this year. Just this weekend we saw Beasley, McBride, and Reyna score goals, and Bocanegra get his first start in a shutout win. Convey seems to have righted the ship in Reading, and even JOB is on the verge of playing. We don't really have any major "stars" in Europe, but we have a lot of solid players getting time. Compared to three years ago, it's amazing. We had a number of players in Europe, but filling out a squad of 18 or 23 would've been tough. Now, a YA team would be strong from top to bottom, and stronger than the MLS squad. And, the guys over there are actually starting now! Up top MLS has an advantage, but that's about it. We do need more goalscoring forwards playing in Europe. But it's hard to complain when we've made so much progress in so little time. It does hurt MLS to have all these guys go over to Europe, but it makes US soccer better, and gives more Americans a chance to develop. And good preformances make all US players more valuable. Plus, it's just a lot of fun to watch.

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