Thursday, September 08, 2005

Guatemala 0-0 USA

Well, I called this one. I did get the lineup wrong, because Bruce decided to rest every starter from Saturday, as well as bring Johnson off the bench. I'm still surprised he started Vanney again though. It was a disappointing game, one that we should've won. Johnson looked good, except for the miss. I remember against Guatemala, where he nearly missed on the goal, hitting it off the post. This time, he did mess up bad and headed wide. That should've won the game for us. Of course, Twellman messed up too. He's throwing his chance away.

Marcelo Balboa singled out Hahnemann, Conrad, Marshall, and Convey as the guys who helped themselves tonight, and I think that's accurate. I would throw in Albright too, who looked pretty comfortable out there. It's a testiment to our depth that our second string lineup can outplay Guatemala on the road for most of the match.

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