Monday, September 19, 2005

MLS: 100th player for each club

MET-Cordt Weinstein, 6/16/01
NE-Diallo/Llamosa/Pineda Chacon/Ralston/Rooney, 3/23/02
COL-Daryl Powell, 10/1/03
DC-Troy Perkins, 5/22/04
SJ-Tighe Dombrowski, 5/29/04
CLB-Matt Jordan, 10/16/04
DAL-Mulrooney/Ruiz/Vanney, 4/2/05
LA-Ednaldo da Conceicao, 4/10/05

(includes all competitions)

Not a stellar lot here, except for the New England and Dallas ties, which were season openers. I can't tell you how much seeing Naldo as any kind of milestone amuses me. Also, how about the glorious import Powell as well. If you're wondering why Chicago and Kansas City aren't up there, it's because they have yet to reach 100 players (98 and 97 respectively). The Fire were an expansion team, so it's understandable. The Wizards are likely there due to Gansler's long tenure as coach. Meanwhile, the Metros have used by far the most players in the league, 151 going into the season, which was 20 ahead of any other team.

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Blogger bdure said ... (7:53 PM, September 21, 2005) : 

Impressive stuff.

I'm surprised the Metros took as long as they did. Their rosters of the first three seasons were littered with guys who stuck around for about a month each.


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