Monday, September 19, 2005

Rooting against other teams

Since I am such a big soccer fan, I want what's best for the game in this country. I want to see each MLS team get as much attention as possible, and if the other teams in that market suck, that helps. So I find myself rooting against teams from MLS markets when it comes to other sports.

Does anybody else do this? The bigger markets like New York and Los Angeles don't really matter, since they have so many teams that a couple will be good each year. But it has an impact in the smaller markets. I think that the Jazz sucking last season really helped out RSL, and gave them more media coverage. That's probably the most important team to root against as an MLS fan. The Columbus Blue Jackets are another one, as well as the Sharks.

I also think that basketball and hockey teams have more of an impact than football, because the beginning of the season is when you need people paying attention, so you can have good attendance and coverage all year long. The MLS playoffs will get decent coverage (by MLS standards) no matter what. Although, the Revs were hurt by the Red Sox last year. Let's not forget the college teams as well, especially Ohio State.

It doesn't really matter, it's just something I find myself thinking about while watching games where I don't have an cheering interest. (ps-go White Sox)

Comments on "Rooting against other teams"


Blogger Stan Collins said ... (2:49 PM, September 20, 2005) : 

In certain specific situations MLS might be helped by other teams poor performance on the field. Off the field probably hels more, though.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:40 PM, September 20, 2005) : 

The Sharks are awesome, and most people I know are fans of both teams.


Blogger Tim Froh said ... (5:21 PM, September 20, 2005) : 

I don't know about how "awesome" the Sharks are, but the thing to "root against" in San Jose is mayor Ron Gonzalez and his cronies, who have spent years and countless dollars in their vain attempt to court the Oakland A's. It's actually the coverage of non-San Jose sports in the Mercury News that bugs me the most.


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