Sunday, September 04, 2005

USA 2-0 Mexico

Simply put, a brilliant preformance. Mexico never threatened, and we took advantage of set pieces to score twice. Beasley and Onyewu were amazing, and lead us offensively and defensively. We played much better than in the 2001 game, and were deserving winners. After the countless times we played bad against lesser teams, it's good to see the team step up for the big rivarly game.

Lewis wasn't tested too much at LB, but he played well. I was surprised that he got the start against Mexico (I thought Boca would start, but other than that I guessed the lineup correctly). Like all US players, he needs to prove he can do that against the best teams, the Germanys and Brazils that you have to beat in order to win the World Cup. Beasley and Lewis together is a great combo on the left, now we just need upgrades for Armas and Ralston. O'Brien can fill in for Armas. Hopefully Eddie Johnson or another forward will be in good form next June, and maybe then Donovan or Reyna can play on the right side of midfield.

Mexico in 2001 had several numerous chances, yesterday they had a free kick at the end of the first half. That's all. I can't emphasize that enough. Berhalter had one of his best games for the national team; he's looking like he'll make it to Germany after all. It was the same central defensive pairing as in Azteca, but the results were much better. I should also note that the US played better in Azteca than Mexico did in Columbus.

Qualification assured, now we can rest and experiment the rest of the way. Next month, we play on Saturday 10/8 and Wednesday 10/12. The only MLS teams off on Saturday are LA and Chivas, so we'll probably see Donovan and Albright for sure (schedule). I would suspect that we'll see fewer MLS guys being taken away, maybe 1 per team. SJ plays RSL at home, so Bruce might as well take Davis, Ching, etc.

But there'll be plenty of time for analysis and speculation later. Now is the time we celebrate. Germany 2006 is a reality.

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Blogger Mike H said ... (10:50 PM, September 04, 2005) : 

You are right, USA did play better in Mexico then they did in the US. All and all, we looked good, but Beasley should have finshed the third goal. I think the MLS players will have a chance to make the team now. Go USA. Good luck Mexico. The better all CONCACAF teams look in the finals the better the US looks.


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