Saturday, October 01, 2005

Two weeks

That's right, only 15 days until the end of the MLS regular season. It's kind of a slow time for blogging, because I have a bunch of season-recapping stuff I want to post, and I can't until it's over. Such as a comparsion of offenses and defenses from last year to this year, which I posted about mid-season here. Also, I will show exactly how this year's teams rank historically among MLS' alltime best and worst. And of course, I will update my lineup database and put it up for download (That one won't be until the playoffs are over though).

Next week, World Cup qualifying resumes, so I can blog about that. So this next few days may be quiet, but I have plenty of quality stuff to post in the next month.

And I haven't forgot about the BASA's (see above post).

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