Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Year End Attendance Analysis (part 2)

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Without the massive 88,000 doubleheader, they're only drawing in the 12k range. That's disappointing for sure, but with one of the worst teams in MLS history, that's pretty decent. And until August, they didn't have any star power. Next year should be much better for them, both on the field and attendance-wise. It looks like they'll also bring back the "double-classico," which could be a great yearly tradition (one that is also soccer related, unlike fireworks).



A slight dip despite the championship, as the Freddy factor has worn off. Each team has an extra home game this year to fit in the schedule, so that means an extra Wednesday home game for each team. So overall, that alone should've meant a slight dip in attendance. United is rock solid, so no worries here. They just need a stadium deal, since they have the fans already (although that's not the usual MLS approach).



The new stadium certainly helped things, but they faced an overloaded home schedule in the second half, as well as the lingering effects of Southlake. But the good thing is, they're set now. If they get 15,000, then they are in great shape. They should definitely improve this number by at least a thousand. Slow and steady growth is the mantra.



They got even better, posting the second highest average attendance ever. Only the 1996 Galaxy were better. The great thing about the Galaxy is that they're always kind of good; never outstanding, but not bad enough to turn off the fans. The Chivas games may have provided part of the boost from last year.



A better team, and a slighly better average. At least they're going in the right direction now. They were in danger of tying the MLS record for most seasons with a decrease (which Colorado tied this year). The fans have been there in the past, and I don't think this can get much worse. So this number should increase again next year.



Very good start for the less-heralded expansion team, second in the league. I don't know if they'll improve on this due to the newness factor wearing off, but they should be in the top half again for sure. Now just imagine if they had a good team.

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Anonymous Oscar M said ... (10:00 AM, October 18, 2005) : 

DC's regular season average is also lowered because we had 3 other games that "competed" for regular season attention: Pumas, U Catolica, & Chelsea. I think they depressed the regular season average more than any other factor (including the wearing off of the Freddy effect), since casual fans who went to see those games instead.


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