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Team strike rate leaders (part 1 of 3)

I already did leading goalscorer timelines for all 14 MLS teams, and now I'm taking a look at which players had the best strike rates. This is determined by simply taking the number of goals per game that the player scored, over all competitions and including both starts and sub appearances.

It would be better to go by total minutes played, but I don't have those stats. That's a lot more work, so maybe in a future edition of the lineup database.

I have yet to add all the stats together to form an "overall" list, so that'll be something to look forward to in the near future. So these only include the goals/games the player was involved in for that club, obviously. Only players who have scored 15 goals for their club are included here. These lists are top ten, unless the team had fewer than ten players with 15 goals.


Rate Goals
1 Ante Razov 0.48 95
2 Damani Ralph 0.42 28
3 Josh Wolff 0.37 39
4 Hristo Stoitchkov 0.34 24
5 Dema Kovalenko 0.27 34
6 Roman Kosecki 0.26 15
7 Lubos Kubik 0.22 19
8 Peter Nowak 0.20 29
9 DaMarcus Beasley 0.13 18
10 Jesse Marsch 0.09 23

Razov is one of the premier players in MLS history, and I'm not just saying that as a Fire fan. He really doesn't get the credit he deserves. You can also see why Ralph got a big transfer fee. Although, he came off the bench much less frequently than the next two guys. Also interesting to see Kovalenko, who benefited from those great 2000/2001 teams. Finally, Eric Wynalda had a great single season in Chicago, and would definitely be on this list if he had scored twice more.


Rate Goals
1 Stern John 0.79 55
2 Edson Buddle 0.42 52
3 Brian McBride 0.40 79
4 Dante Washington 0.38 33
5 Jeff Cunningham 0.32 71
6 John Wilmar Perez 0.18 16
7 Jason Farrell 0.13 16
8 Brian West 0.13 21
9 Brian Maisonneuve 0.12 25
10 Robert Warzycha 0.12 22

I don't know if anyone can match John's production, maybe if they only have one great season. He had a great two years, but also benefited from the small confines of Ohio Stadium. McBride had some lean years, but a lot of that was due to (many, many) injuries. I know a lot of people like to talk up Buddle for the national team, so here's more fuel for that fire. Ranks better than both McBride and Cunningham.


1 Raul Diaz Arce 0.69 61
2 Roy Lassiter 0.57 49
3 Abdul Thompson Conteh 0.51 20
4 Steve Rammel 0.45 19
5 Jaime Moreno 0.44 116
6 Christian Gomez 0.39 21
7 Alecko Eskandarian 0.25 18
8 Tony Sanneh 0.21 21
9 A.J. Wood 0.20 18
10 Santino Quaranta 0.19 15

The longer you play, the less chance you have of being tops on these rankings. Moreno is definitely a better player than Conteh, but Conteh had one great season. It's still interesting to look at, though. Gomez obviously has been great in his two years in the league. Diaz Arce and Lassiter both came back to DC, Diaz Arce more succesfully, which gives him the edge at the top. Etcheverry just misses out.


Rate Goals
1 Miklos Molnar 0.71 17
2 Josh Wolff 0.34 25
3 Igor Simutenkov 0.32 20
4 Preki 0.32 81
5 Vitalis Takawira 0.28 31
6 Davy Arnaud 0.24 24
7 Mark Chung 0.20 21
8 Mo Johnston 0.19 32
9 Chris Klein 0.18 43
10 Chris Brown 0.14 21

No surprise here. Molnar had an amazing year, including playing in Euro 2000 and scoring the winning goal in the MLS Cup. Wolff produces at almost exactly the same clip in KC as in Chicago. You can see that he doesn't quite reach the level of a Razov, Buddle, or Moreno, but I think his other attributes make up for it. Simutenkov was underrated. Johnston does not do too well here, but he played on some awful teams. But almost all the forwards on these lists are pretty good, because the truly bad ones are dumped.

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Blogger scaryice said ... (9:12 PM, March 27, 2006) : 

It has come to my attention that Moreno should have 117 goals for DC, and Diaz Arce 60. I had previously counted one Moreno goal as Diaz Arce's. Shouldn't affect much here, though.


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