Saturday, December 24, 2005

Opening eyes?


"Two days after announcing that it would add Spanish-language network Univision to the six broadcast networks for which it provides ratings data to advertisers, Nielsen Research announced Wednesday that it would also include Telemundo, the NBC-owned Spanish-language broadcaster, in the group."

Currently, the average audience of Univision is 3.2 million viewers and Telemundo 1 million (source). One ratings point is 1.096 million viewers households, so respectively that would mean that their ratings would be 2.9 and 0.9. Here's how they compare for the (primetime only) season to date (Zap2it):


Univision is very respectible. Any added popularity of the Spanish networks can only help us as soccer fans. Although, it won't really help us gain any fans. The important thing is the advertising dollars.

Overall, this should allow more people to become aware of just how popular soccer is in the hispanic community. They always release lists of the top broadcast network sports shows of the week, and stuff with really low ratings gets on there, so that means that there should be a decent amount of soccer on the list now. But, we still probably won't make the overall top ten list: Last time the World Cup final got a 3.9 in English and about a 1.7 in Spanish (a 1.7 equivilant...I believe previously they measured the Spanish networks different). It appears that it doesn't include the replay. That's about six million viewers, and last year during that time of year you needed nine million to make the top ten. But, the USA-Mexico game did about 8 million viewers overall, so we're not that far off...except that the total is split between two network. And, I just realized it wouldn't be on the list anyway because it's not in prime time. But I expect there to be a few more viewers next year, and every World Cup after this.

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