Monday, January 02, 2006


What would I like to see happen in American soccer for 2006? Sure, winning the World Cup would be nice. But everybody will say that. How about the Los Angeles Galaxy winning the Supporters' Shield? Yes, I'm a Fire fan. But let's remember, the shield is held by the defunct San Jose Earthquakes, whose supporters will have to pass it on. It would be the ultimate humiliation (maybe), and that's always fun to watch.

I would also like to see some real candidates emerge for the second 2007 expansion slot. Because the way things look now, it appears that if the San Jose voters don't approve the money for a new stadium, then it will be too late for a second team to join the league the following season. It would be November, and the league has already made noise about possibly going with 13 teams for 2007. Hopefully either way we end up with 14.

We will also see the opening of the most European (and therefore best) soccer specific stadium, the Bridgeview Bank Stadium. It is the little things that really matter, like having the seats go down to field level and having the players enter through a midfield tunnel. That's why it's so cool, and why it stands out.

I hope somebody can help me get this book.

I also want to see the following sign at a USMNT game where Eddie Johnson's playing (especially if we play Jamaica): "Welcome to GAM-rock!"

Freddy Adu needs to make the World Cup team, just for the publicity and crazy Bigsoccer threads that would result. Besides, you know he'll be there in 2010, and despite what Bruce says, we don't need to utilize all 23 players. Let him get the experience like Ronaldo in 1994. I do think that maybe him being there could overshadow the rest of the squad and the tournament as a whole, but overall I think it would be a good thing.

It would also be great if Texas' own Clint Dempsey (or Deuce) was traded to the new Houston franchise. He would be the perfect poster boy for them. DeRo for Dempsey, that's the trade I'd like to see. DeRo is alright, but he's more of a California type guy. You don't see many people from Houston saying the following:

"I'd like to do a commercial for soy products that promotes health consciousness."

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Blogger Kali said ... (2:34 PM, January 02, 2006) : 

I think I can help you with the book thing.

The university is closed today, but I'll see what I can do sometime this week.


Blogger maradawga said ... (5:18 PM, January 04, 2006) : 

If MLS really has as much influence over individual club player decisions as the conspiracy theorists say they do then Dempsey to Houston makes way too much sense.

If that trade gets made, you know MLS has the power that people say they do.


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