Monday, January 23, 2006

USA 0-0 Canada

Looks like the projected lineup was right, with the exception of Olsen instead of Carroll. It wasn't on tv, so there's nothing I can really say about the game. Conrad and Pope were the center backs, and they must've done a decent job. I've always thought that Pope would make it to Germany just based on his experience, and I still think he's on track to do that. Conrad will probably make it too, especially since Cory Gibbs has fallen off the radar thanks to his injury. Pearce was the LB and supposedly was just ok. Looking forward to seeing what Dunivant can do.

Twellman, Ching, and Wolff failed to score. With the first two guys in there, I'm not surprised. I bet the three forward attack would look much better with Beasley and Johnson supporting McBride, though. Hopefully everyone will be healthy and we can see that at some point this spring.

Yes, there was much Adu about Freddy (please kill me now), as the phenom made his long awaited US debut. With the scoreline and the fact that it wasn't on tv, that's about all anyone will remember about this game. I'm sure Bruce wanted to take the pressure off of him, as well as not making it a big spectacle. And I'm glad he's got the record for youngest national teamer: take that, Mike Slivinski!

The Norway game Sunday in the HDC should be a better showing.

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