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CONCACAF Champions Cup & MLS

(EDIT: See the new version of this post for 2007. This post contains a few errors in the scores and team records. I don't like to change things afterwards, in case you're wondering.)

Personally, I think the Champions Cup is the most exciting event in soccer this year until the World Cup. The MLS season will always be here, and it really doesn't matter too much who wins. But the CCC is our one shot per year to really make an impact internationally, and with the World Club Championship it's far more important than previously. That bonus for the winner brings guaranteed money and the opportunity to go up against the best. However, ever since the CCC went to the two legged format (which was a good move), MLS teams have been downright awful. They just can't get it done on the road. MLS clubs have only 7 wins in other countries, from in all international competitions (out of 30 tries). That's pitiful, and a sign that we have a long ways to go still.

Which brings us to today and tomorrow's matches. I have no doubts that MLS is a better league than Costa Rica top to bottom, it's just that the salary cap spreads out the talent and hinders us in these competitions. And our lack of experience in hostile environments contributes to that lousy away record. It's vitally important that they win the opening home legs. New England probably is a better team than Los Angeles, with more national team players who have been in camp. They also have a weaker opponent in Alajuelense, who are struggling. But injuries are hitting them at the wrong time, and the Galaxy may have a better shot at advancing despite facing the better team in Saprissa.

We always get our hopes up, only to have them crushed. I would settle for a split here. Historically, that's the least we should accept. Every year we've participated, an MLS team has advanced past the first round. But anything past that is unexpected.

MLS in the CONCACAF Champions Cup

(final tournament held in Washington D.C.)


Los Angeles 4:1 Santos Laguna


D.C. United 1:0 United Petrotrin
Los Angeles 2:0 Luis Angel Firpo


D.C. United 0:1 Los Angeles

3rd Place

D.C. United 2:2 Guadalajara


Los Angeles 3:5 Cruz Azul

1998 (final tournament held in Washington D.C.)


Colorado 1:0 Leon
Leon 4:2 Colorado


D.C. United 8:0 Joe Public


D.C. United 2:0 Leon


D.C. United 1:0 Toluca

1999 (final tournament held in Las Vegas)


D.C. United 1:0 Olimpia
Chicago 2:0 Joe Public


D.C. United 1:3 Necaxa
Chicago 1:1 (4-5 pks) Alajuenense

3rd Place

D.C. United 2:2 Chicago

2000 (final tournament held in Los Angeles)


D.C. United 2:1 Alajuenense
Los Angeles 0:0 (5-3 pks) Real Espana


Los Angeles 1:1 (4-2 pks) D.C. United

3rd Place

D.C. United 1:2 Pachuca


Los Angeles 3:2 Olimpia


Round of 16

Olimpia 0:1 San Jose
San Jose 2:0 Olimpia

W. Connection 0:1 Kansas City
Kansas City 2:0 W. Connection

Comunicaciones 4:0 D.C. United
D.C. United 2:1 Comunicaciones

Municipal 0:1 Chicago
Chicago 2:0 Municipal


Pachuca 3:0 San Jose
San Jose 1:0 Pachuca

Santos Laguna 2:1 Kansas City
Kansas City 2:0 Santos Laguna

Morelia 2:0 Chicago
Chicago 2:1 Morelia


Morelia 6:1 Kansas City
Kansas City 1:1 Morelia


Round of 16

Arabe Unido 1:2 Columbus
Columbus 3:0 Arabe Unido

Alajuelense 4:0 New England
Alajuelense 1:3 New England (home leg)

Municipal 4:2 San Jose
San Jose 2:1 Municipal

Motagua 2:2 Los Angeles
Los Angeles 1:0 Motagua


Morelia 6:0 Columbus
Columbus 2:0 Morelia

Los Angeles 1:4 Necaxa
Necaxa 2:1 Los Angeles



Alajuelense 3:0 San Jose
San Jose 1:0 Alajuelense

San Juan Jabloteh 5:2 Chicago
Chicago 4:0 San Juan Jabloteh


Saprissa 2:0 Chicago
Chicago 2:1 Saprissa



Kansas City 0:0 Saprissa
Saprissa 2:1 Kansas City (AET)

D.C. United 2:1 Harbour View
Harbour View 1:2 D.C. United


D.C. United 1:1 UNAM Pumas
UNAM Pumas 5:0 D.C. United

Alltime Records

D.C. United 9 5 4 31 29 25 4
Chicago 6 3 2 20 18 14 4
Los Angeles 5 3 2 17 19 17 2
San Jose 5 3 0 15 9 11 -2
Kansas City 3 3 2 11 9 11 -2
Columbus 3 1 0 9 7 7 0
Colorado 1 1 0 3 3 4 -1
New England 1 1 0 3 3 5 -2

Never participated: CHV, DAL, HOU, MET, MIA, RSL, TB

(we're 3 goals away from 100 total from MLS teams in the competition)

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