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MLS: Top 25 Goalscorers History - 2005

The current day, finally. Expansion meant more games and more goals, but the number of goals it took to make the top 25 stayed at 44. No one dropped off.

Jason Kreis was the first man in the MLS century club, while he and several other of the top goalscorers switched teams (Razov, Cunningham, Cerritos, Ruiz, Donovan).

The top 25 after each year:


1) Jason Kreis, RSL - 100

One of five men to score in all ten MLS seasons (Moreno, Chung, Ralston, Henderson).

2) Jaime Moreno, DC - 94

Up to second from fourth, and is knocking on the door. With the way he's come back, and the calibre of team he's on, he could pass Kreis this season. He's also a year younger than Jason. 16 goals in 2005 tied a career high.

3) Roy Lassiter - 88
4) Ante Razov, CLB/MET - 84
5) Raul Diaz Arce - 82
6) Preki, KC - 79

7) Jeff Cunningham, COL - 74

Doesn't really jump out at you as one of the league's alltime best, but he's here anyway. Maybe that's because he has yet to play for a team that reached the MLS Cup. Regardless, he could be in the top 5 by the year's end.

8) Ronald Cerritos, SJ - 71

9) Taylor Twellman, NE - 64

In my opinion and virtually everyone else's, he's the guy who will shatter Jason Kreis' mark and reign as the goal king for years...unless he gets too good.

10) Cobi Jones, LA - 62
10) Brian McBride - 62
12) Mark Chung, COL/SJ - 61
12) Carlos Ruiz, DAL - 61
14) Diego Serna, COL - 57

15) Josh Wolff, KC - 54

He's put together back to back double digit seasons for the first time in his career. Another one is likely in order, but this is probably his last year in MLS and the top ten seems out of reach.

16) Paul Bravo - 52
16) Dante Washington, RSL - 52

18) Wolde Harris, NE - 51

Hey, at least he scored a goal in his 2005 comeback, even if it was a penalty. That's more than you can say for Diego Serna.

18) Clint Mathis, RSL - 51
18) Steve Ralston, NE - 51
18) Giovanni Savarese - 51
22) Chris Henderson, COL/CLB - 48
23) Mamadou Diallo - 47
23) Eduardo Hurtado - 47

25) Landon Donovan, LA - 44

The only newcomer, he should make a steady climb into the top ten by the end of the decade, if he really does stay stateside.

25) Ariel Graziani - 44
25) Stern John - 44

Falling off the list


Other Active Players


Looks like Buddle and Klein should be on there by the year's end. Obviously, don't expect much to change from year to year now that we're a decade in. In the future, it'll be like the home run leaders in baseball; when somebody moves up the charts it'll be a big deal.

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scaryice, I've got a job for you. Something that I've been interested in for a few months now. It is my contention that soccer has as much if not more scoring that (amerincan) football per minute of broadcast timing.

If you take the average score from every NFL game last year and divide by 5 (av. 3,6,7) then divide that by the average length of an NFL broadcast (appx. 47 hrs) and then do the same for MLS what is the result? Can we do this for baseball and hockey as well? I'm actually quite interested in this....


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