Monday, March 13, 2006

Most MLS games played without scoring

This came up on Bigsoccer before. Some defenders never seem to get a shot to fall just right and into the back of the net. So to honor them, here's a list of the top ten MLS leaders (non-goalkeeper) in games played who are scoreless in regular season play.

While the top guy on this list has 176 games under his belt, it's worth pointing out the accomplishments of Robin Fraser. He scored in his 10th MLS game on June 16, 1996. After that, he did not score in his last 250 league games before his retirement this offseason. Surely that mark (most games in a row without scoring) will not be touched for years.

1) 176 games - Brandon Prideaux, DC United (158 starts/18 sub appearances)

Not only does he lead all MLS players in this category, he also has the mark for most career MLS games played before scoring a goal (minus goalkeepers, of course). Although he had a great chance last year:

"At first it looked like the home team had blown a perfect offensive attack when defender Brandon Prideaux, of all people, found himself alone on a counterattack. Prideaux, who has never scored a goal in his seven-year MLS career, awkwardly rounded goalie Jon Busch only to get off a weak shot that was saved off the line by Crew defender Chad Marshall."

- Washington Times (5/8/2005)

Keep on keepin' on, Brandon. Hasn't scored in 31 playoff/Open Cup/continental games either, for a grand total of 207. Actually, none of the players listed here have scored in all competitions.

2) 168 - Nick Garcia, Kansas City (168/0)

Garcia could get the number one spot this year. He's also likely to set another record, for the most games started by a field player without making a sub appearance (currently 175 by Carlos Valderrama). Tony Meola is the only other guy ahead of him in that category (230).

Actually has more games scoreless than Prideaux in all competitions (213).

3) 116 - Rusty Pierce, Columbus (113/3)

Looks like he'll be playing for the Crew this year, but there's a big gap after the top two. It could be a long time before somebody gets to their level.

4) 114 - Francis Okaroh, retired (114/0)

At his age, I guess it was understandable. Highest international on the list.

5) 113 - Dan Calichman, retired (113/0)
6) 108 - Chris Martinez, retired (95/13)
7) 106 - Brandon Pollard, retired (91/15)
8) 87 - Tenywa Bonseu, Rochester (85/2)

9) 85 - Chris Leitch, ??? (76/9)

Doesn't look likely to move up the list, as I believe Chivas USA have passed on signing him.

10) 73 - Tahj Jakins, retired (43/30)


71 - Logan Pause
60 - Nelson Akwari

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Anonymous SE Podcast said ... (11:57 AM, March 15, 2006) : 

Fraser scored an own goal on July 25, 1998, the only goal in United's 1-0 victory over the Galaxy. Does that count?


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