Thursday, May 18, 2006

Revisiting some old posts

1) After 7 games of the 2006 season, the Kansas City Wizards now have gone 32 league games without allowing 3 goals. This weekend in Salt Lake, they can jump into a three-way tie for second place alltime in this category. The record is 45 by Sigi Schmid's 2002-4 Galaxy.

On a side note, that's why I expected Columbus to be among the league leaders in goals allowed this year (currently 8 in 7 games, although only 1 in the last 4).

As for streaks of not scoring 3 goals in a game, the Chicago Fire were at 15 league games entering the year, and have not done it in 6 games this year. That means they are now 6th alltime at 21 games in a row. The record is 27 by the 1999-2000 Colorado Rapids.

2) Last week I posted about MLS Home/Away Unbeaten/Winless streaks. First of all, RSL finally won a game, and it was on the road to boot. This means that their away winless streak is now over, 2 games short of the record. Their overall streak ended one short of the record, as well. Unfortunately, MLS still considers shootout wins/losses as actual wins/losses when comparing historical records, so they consider RSL to hold both records. We know better. I really wish they would've lost a few more games so we wouldn't have to deal with that.

They're still in contention for the longest home winless streak though (2 more games to tie). Meanwhile, the Galaxy are 1 home draw/loss away from making the top ten in that category.

Also, Dallas' home draw with Houston gave them 10 home games in a row without a loss, only 4 away from making the top ten. But what's more interesting about that is that now the Wizards are the only one of the 8 original teams still left in MLS not to have a double digit unbeaten streak at home.

3) For the Houston Dynamo, 5 players have started every game so far: Barrett, Clark, Mullan, Onstad, and Serioux. It should be exciting to see which one will be the sole survivor, although it didn't bode well for Hendrickson and Mathis last year. The record for most starts from inception is 83 by Mark Chung for the Wizards.

I should note that takes into account all competitions, not just MLS. It's gotten to the point where I almost need to do each stat twice, once for all competitions and once for MLS only. Maybe when I have time I'll go back and do that.

4) Not an old post, but this just came to me: I don't think there's a "Bruce Arena interview" drinking game out there, but if someone wants to start one, the first rule should be to drink every time he says the word obvious.

While I'm at it, I notice I'm getting a lot of hits from people searching for "playoff ladder," usually with NBA or NHL in front of it. Where I come from, we call it a bracket. Really, who calls it a ladder? A ladder is perfectly straight, it doesn't branch out into twenty different freaking directions. Wouldn't calling it a pyramid make more sense than that? Feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments (lol).

5) World Cup team records vs the other 31. Saudi Arabia beat Togo last week 1-0. I was going to update it after each game, but I think it'll be easier to revisit it once all the pre-World Cup friendlies are done. These are the upcoming matches between World Cup finalists:

26-May Saudi Arabia vs Czech
27-May Switzerland vs Ivory Coast
27-May France vs Mexico
28-May Ukraine vs Costa Rica
28-May Croatia vs Iran
30-May Czech vs Costa Rica
30-May Germany vs Japan
30-May Argentina vs Angola
31-May Switzerland vs Italy
1-Jun Netherlands vs Mexico
2-Jun Italy vs Ukraine
3-Jun Czech vs Trinidad
3-Jun Poland vs Croatia
4-Jun South Korea vs Ghana
4-Jun Netherlands vs Australia
7-Jun Tunisia vs Iran
7-Jun Spain vs Croatia

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