Thursday, June 01, 2006

Not this again: all time scoreless streak

With last night's loss, the Los Angeles Galaxy have now gone 480 minutes without scoring. Unfortunately, it looks like we'll be subjected to more fuzzy math about the all time record from MLS.

As you may recall, last year MLS made a big deal out of Real Salt Lake having the longest scoreless streak of all time, at 557 minutes. I figured out and posted on this blog that it actually wasn't true, and their two streaks that were longer: Colorado at 562 minutes, and Kansas City at 637 minutes.

The reason why MLS either forgot or didn't count those two was because they both were over the course of two seasons (regular season games only). RSL's mark is not the all time MLS record. The Wizards hold that distinction. RSL is the longest single season streak, though. This is all pretty simple stuff. At least you would think.

But in last night's match report on MLSnet, I see this:

Their club record scoreless streak now stands at 480 minutes -- just 77 minutes of the all-time MLS record set last year by expansion club Real Salt Lake.

It's not only MLS that is confused. Just check out the LA Daily News:

Colorado set the league record in 1999-2000, going 563 minutes without a goal. The Galaxy's mark is the fourth-longest in MLS history.

I give them points for trying, even if they used the second place streak instead of the top one. Then we have the AP report:

The single-season record in Major League Soccer for failing to score a goal is 557 minutes, set by Real Salt Lake last season.

Finally, somebody gets it right by specifically mentioning that RSL's streak was a single season record, and not an overall one. I usually give the AP's soccer coverage a hard time, but they got it right here and I feel compelled to point that out. Hopefully MLSnet's staff can actually do the same. At the very least, they need to make it clear that it is a single season mark.

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