Wednesday, July 12, 2006

2010 World Cup Seeding Formula: July 2006

See here. Plus the hosts South Africa, these teams are in line to be the other 7 seeds:

1. Brazil
2. Italy
3. England
4. Germany
5. France
6. Spain
7. Argentina

No surprises, huh? Portugal is right in the mix as well, just behind. But any team other than those 8 is very unlikely. Sweden and Mexico would be the other two teams that seem to have an outside shot, if they can get their FIFA rankings up.

Even if the USA were #1 in the FIFA rankings, they still wouldn't be seeded currently. We're currently 13th in the formula, while their World Cup performance is only 16th best over 2002 and 2006 (half of the seeding formula which is set in stone already). Of course, if a few of the teams ahead of us don't qualify then maybe there's an outside shot.

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