Monday, August 14, 2006

Great US Soccer Photos

MLS hasn't been around long enough (or been popular enough) to have the kind of memorable photographs that other sports have. I'm talking about the kind that are familiar years later, that summarize everything you need to know in one single image. Like Brandi Chastain and the sports bra, the most famous soccer photo ever in the USA.

MLS and the US national team have had some very, uh, interesting photos though. You all know the obvious ones like the original jerseys, MPF, and the NY Times shoot. I thought I would post some other great ones. Here's some of my favorites:

Scary Landon Donovan

Celebrating last year's MLS Cup championship. I know there's a bunch of "hottest US player" threads on Bigsoccer. Landon's name pops up sometimes, but this photo could be enough to change some female minds.

Valderrama = Class Act

I believe "dapper" is the word you're looking for.

Tony Meola's Got Milk

It's the expression on his face that makes this so bad. At least he didn't dress up in a Robin Hood outfit like Zola. Also, like the "Fat Tony" jokes need any more ammunition.

2005 Gold Cup Champions

Now THAT'S a trophy! Very cool.

This Stuff Kicks!!

I'm glad that face painting isn't in vogue any more among MLS fans.

Chuck Blazer Sez, "Aye! This One's on Me!"

The American Blazer (FIFA and CONCACAF official) had his own blog during the World Cup, and it was a great read. Seems like a fun guy.

Ching & DeRo

A new classic.


Had to put my own spin on this one.

Comments on "Great US Soccer Photos"


Blogger Kinney said ... (10:31 PM, August 14, 2006) : 

I would have gone with the Gooch/Borghetti stare down myself. That should be up there. And face painting is still very much in style here in DC, but I'm not sure if that is a good thing or not.

As a DC fan I would add the one of Ries in front of the blacked out DC loud side from the 2004 Eastern Coference Finals.


Blogger scaryice said ... (2:34 AM, August 15, 2006) : 

gooch/borgetti is way too obvious, everybody knows that one


Anonymous john said ... (1:46 PM, August 15, 2006) : 

I don't think I'll ever forget this one.


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