Thursday, September 28, 2006

Open Cup Final Stats (1996-2006)

Players who have played for more than one team in a US Open Cup final:

Williams, Andy CLB/MIA/NE/CHI
Garlick, Scott DC/DAL
Gutierrez, Diego CHI/KC
Gutierrez, Henry ROC/MIA
Harris, Wolde COL/NE
Heaps, Jay MIA/NE
Jolley, Steve NY/DAL
Kamler, Brian DC/MIA
Marshall, Tyrone MIA/LA
Pope, Eddie DC/NY
Sanneh, Tony DC/CHI
Soehn, Tom DAL/CHI
Vanney, Greg LA/DAL
Vaudreuil, David DC/COL
Washington, Dante DAL/CLB
Williams, Richie DC/NY
Wolff, Josh CHI/KC

Most US Open Cup finals played in:

Williams, Andy 5
Armas, Chris 4
Brown, C.J. 4
Jones, Cobi 4
Marsch, Jesse 4
Marshall, Tyrone 4
Vagenas, Peter 4

Most US Open Cup final minutes:

Brown, C.J. 374
Marshall, Tyrone 360
Vagenas, Peter 357
Jones, Cobi 343
Williams, Andy 295
Marsch, Jesse 291
Armas, Chris 287
Williams, Richie 287
Thornton, Zach 279
Whitfield, Evan 275

Players who were in the top 25 of those who have played the most MLS games without playing in an MLS Cup who also haven't played in a US Open Cup final (whew):

Chung, Mark
Valderrama, Carlos
McKinley, Ivan
Brown, Chris
Burns, Mike
Deering, Chad

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Anonymous Chamo said ... (3:27 PM, July 10, 2007) : 

Leonel Alvarez did not play for Dallas in the Open Cup final of 97. He spent the 97 season playing for Veracruz.


Blogger scaryice said ... (7:32 PM, July 10, 2007) : 

Good catch. For some reason, I had given Damian's minutes to Alvarez when calculating this (although my normal lineup database had it correct). Probably cuz his last name was Alvarez as well.

It's now edited.


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