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12 Teams, 15 Comps, 1 Awesome Download

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Enjoy. You have two different choices as to the file formats: wmv or mp4. If you want to put them on your video Ipod, then you should get the mp4. Otherwise you'll be fine with the wmv (smaller files too). *Edited to add MegaUpload link, which is faster than Sendspace.

What is this? You may be familiar with my weekly MLS goal compilations, or the various other MLS comps I've done over the past year. Now, to commemorate the just completed 2006 MLS season, I've outdone myself. Not just content to make one "best goals of 2006" comp, I've gone out and completed 12 different all new comps, one for every MLS team. Each one is about 2.5 minutes long and contains the top ten goals scored by that team, ranked in order (10 to 1) and accompanied by music.

I've also created a comp for the best overall goals in the league. That is included as well as two more comps, Best Goals 2005 and Best Goals 2004. If you downloaded the 2005 one last year, you may notice that I have gone back and edited it so Dwayne De Rosario's free kick is in there (I had made it before the final weekend). The 2004 one is new and I just finished it.

I should note that if a game was on HDnet or wasn't on tv, those goals aren't included. If it wasn't on MLSnet (with a couple exceptions), I don't have it.

Below is a list of the songs used. I picked songs that were big hits in 2006 (and some hot remixes), as well as a few album tracks all from people who were big this year. Sometimes in my weekly comps I use older songs, but since this is a review of 2006, I wanted to use songs from this year. I thought what if somebody watches these ten years from now? When they show footage of the 60's on tv, they don't play MC Hammer. They play 60's songs. So that's my thinking behind that.

Which song goes with each team? You'll just have to watch and find out. It was all decided randomly. I used a random number generator to match the teams and songs.


Team Comps:

Arctic Monkeys - "Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secure"
Basement Jaxx - "Take Me Back To Your House (Jaxx Extended Mixx)"
Cassie - "Me & U (Showtime Remix)"
Gnarls Barkley - "Gone Daddy Gone"
Justin Timberlake - "My Love (Poker Face House Remix)"
Kelis - "Bossy (Sebastian Remix)"
Lupe Fiasco - "The Instrumental"
Madonna - "Jump"
Panic! At The Disco - "London Beckoned For Songs About Money Written By Machines"
Paul Oakenfold - "No Compromise"
Rihanna - "S.O.S. (Nevin's Elctrotek Club Mix)"
T.I. - "Top Back"

Best Goals 2006: Angels & Airwaves - "The Adventure"
Best Goals 2005: Girls Aloud - "Long Hot Summer"
Best Goals 2004: Travis - "Love Will Come Through"

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