Monday, October 16, 2006

MLS 2006 - Week 29 Goal Compilation

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Music: Killers - "Uncle Johnny"


Andy Herron
Herculez Gomez
Dave Van den Bergh
Abe Thompson
Christian Gomez
Santino Quaranta
Khano Smith
Amado Guevara
Brent Whitfield
Arturo Alvarez
Cobi Jones
Amado Guevara
Nate Jaqua
Amado Guevara
Gonzalo Segares
Landon Donovan
Scott Sealy
Christian Gomez
Landon Donovan
Jafet Soto

Missing: Craig Waibel (x2), Thiago Martins (x2), Paul Daglish, Jacob Peterson

All my MLS comps on Youtube

This was the last weekly comp of the year. If I do one for the playoffs, it will be for all games at once. Read the previous post for the comps I am working on currently, to be posted in two days on Wednesday.

So, were the goals of 2006 better or worse than the goals of 2005? I think it's a push. Seems like there were more spectacular goals last year, but more good goals this year.

I would also like to say that MLS must have changed the person who edits the video highlights on their site, either that or the guy suddenly developed A.D.D. Seems like they now try to fit everything into 3-4 minutes now, whereas before if the game called for it (like the 5-5 draw in 2004) then the highlights could be up to 10 minutes long. I don't agree with it.

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