Saturday, October 07, 2006

Most USA Finals Without Winning?

I was looking through some of my stats, and after looking at Andy Williams I was wondering which MLS player would hold this distinction? Mr. Williams is known for his flashes of individual brilliance, but rarely has a team found him to be a part of the winning formula. Maybe that's why he's lost five finals (4-Open Cup, 1-MLS Cup) with four different teams. But, he did manage to win the 2003 US Open Cup with Chicago. So who has been there the most times without winning?

I believe the honor goes in part to another Jamaican, Wolde Harris. He played in four finals with Colorado (1997 MLS, 1999 OC) and New England (2001 OC, 2002 MLS) and lost them all. Jay Heaps shares that record with him, coming up short with Miami (2000 OC) and New England (2001 OC, 2002 MLS, 2005 MLS). Joe Franchino and Steve Jolley are both right behind at three.

I'm counting only those who actually played in the games, and also I'm leaving out the international tournaments to keep it simple. I haven't done all the work on this but I can't find anyone else at three or above.

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