Tuesday, October 17, 2006

OTFATT 2006: Final Update

4/11 (85 players remaining)
4/24 (66 players remaining)
5/7 (46 players remaining)
5/26 (28 players remaining)
6/19 (18 players remaining)
7/9 (11 players remaining)
7/29 (6 players remaining)
8/20 (5 players remaining)
8/30 (4 players remaining)
9/4 (3 players remaining)
9/9 (2 players remaining)

No changes since the last update. It turns out that only two players who are both goalkeepers played every single minute of the 2006 MLS regular season. They are Houston's Pat Onstad and New England's Matt Reis. Congratulations to those players.

OTFATT stands for "on the field, all the time." Four more players started every game (Bornstein/Dorman/Klein/Twellman) but were subbed out one or more times.

Order of teams being totally wiped out in 2006, with last surviving player:

1. CLB-Jon Busch
2. DAL-Dario Sala
3. CHV-Jonathan Bornstein
4. NY-Danny O'Rourke
5. RSL-Chris Klein
6. KC-Kerry Zavagnin
7. LA-Ugo Ihemelu
8. COL-Kyle Beckerman
9. CHI-Zach Thornton
10. DC-Nick Rimando

Now, 26 players over 11 seasons have played every minute of a season. Onstad has now done it two years in a row. Only Scott Garlick and Peter Vermes have also done it twice. Despite this year's results, only 11 of 26 were goalkeepers.

Played Every Minute

2006-Pat Onstad, Matt Reis
2005-Todd Dunivant, Simon Elliot, Pat Onstad, Bo Oshoniyi, Michael Parkhurst
2004-Joe Cannon, Jim Curtin, Richard Mulrooney, Steve Ralston
2003-Tony Meola
2002-Nick Rimando
2001-*Scott Garlick, Tim Howard, Steve Jolley, Zach Thornton, Kerry Zavagnin
2000-Joseph Addo, Nick Garcia, Scott Garlick, Peter Vermes
1999-Peter Vermes
1997-Mike Burns
1996-Preki, Steve Trittschuh

* Scott Garlick was traded from Tampa Bay to Colorado, and I believe he played every minute that he was available for between both teams.

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