Saturday, December 09, 2006

Good/Bad on Both Sides of the Ball

This past week we've taken a look at the year by year rankings for offenses and defenses in MLS. Looking a little more closely, I've made a list of which teams were truly great or horrible based just on those rankings. The following lists are those teams which were in the top or bottom three in both offense and defense.

Top 3

CHI 1999
DAL 1997
DAL 1999
DC 1998
DC 2005
DC 2006
LA 1997
LA 1998
LA 2002
NE 2005
SJ 2002
SJ 2005

The 2002 Galaxy are the only champions to be ranked in the top three in both categories. It's interesting also to see which teams make it on here and which are left out. Both of the Earthquakes' triumphs miss out, and yet the 2002 team makes it? 1999 for the Fire? The worst team on here is the 1997 Dallas Burn, who actually had a losing record (13-14-5 w/no shootouts).

Bottom 3

CHI 2004
CHV 2005
COL 1996
COL 2000
COL 2006
DAL 2003
DAL 2004
DC 2000
KC 1999
KC 2001
MIA 1998
NE 1999
NE 2001
NY 1999
NY 2002
RSL 2005
TB 2001

Thanks again to the 2006 Rapids, who showed us how unfair the MLS playoff system is. Teams like that don't deserve to be one game away from the championship. I don't believe any of the others here advanced past the first round of the playoffs. The Wizards' championship was surrounded by two horrible years, although they did make the playoffs in 2001. Actually, they only finished two games under .500 that year, but still had a -20 goal differential. The worst goal differential to make the playoffs is Miami 1998 (-22). The best team on this list was the 2000 Rapids.

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