Tuesday, January 23, 2007

MLS' Most Frequent Surnames

Rodriguez 6 (Edmundo, Esmundo, Felipe, Jorge, Mario, Washington)
Brown 5 (Adin, C.J., Chris, Chris, Kyle)
Garcia 5 (Freddy, Johnnie, Juan Pablo, Nick, Sergio)
Hernandez 5 (Daniel, Jason, Luis, Nicolas, Ruben Dario)
Johnson 5 (Brian, Eddie, Rob, Ryan, Will)
Martinez 5 (Antonio, Chris, Joey, Rey Angel, Saul)
Moore 5 (Jason, Jeff, Joe-Max, Justin, R.T.)
Thomas 5 (Jacob, Keyeno, Roger, Shavar, Sheldon)
Alvarez 4 (Arturo, Byron, Leonel, Pedro)
Clark 4 (Colin, Jamie, Mike, Ricardo)
Gomez 4 (Christian, Francisco, Herculez, Julian)
Lewis 4 (Andrew, Darin, Eddie, Ricky)
Suarez 4 (Claudio, Juan Berthy, Ryan, Temoc)
Thompson 4 (Abe, Billy, Jason, Scot)
Wilson 4 (Brad, John, Kirk, Mark)

Out of 1,006 players (technically 995 if you count regular season only, 996 including playoffs), there's bound to have been a few surnames with more than one player. As it turns out, Rodriguez is number one, although their quality was definitely not. If you remember all six Rodriguezes, then consider yourself an MLS super fan. Only Jorge started more than 15 games and had a good career. You have four different nationalities in that group as well.

Wells Thompson, a Revs first rounder, is the only player in the 2007 Superdraft who has one of these last names.

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Blogger ERic said ... (10:36 AM, January 23, 2007) : 

Grahame Jones is so right. MLS needs more Latin flair.


Blogger ERic said ... (10:33 AM, January 24, 2007) : 

If anyone's unsure, I meant that sarcastically.


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