Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Gold Cup Groups Drawn Announced

I was right on the money with this one. It seemed pretty obvious going into it, as with no Colombia to headline the Miami group, Costa Rica was a natural choice as the third best team. Canada joining them meant that there would be one "North American" team in each group, while Haiti always plays in Miami as well. Cuba then wouldn't be there.

The USA are probably looking at Panama in the quarterfinals and Costa Rica in the semifinals, if it all goes to plan. Without the guest teams, it should be easier than normal. No Jamaica as well. Also, kudos to CONCACAF for actually doing something professional. They have a nice video of Chuck Blazer announcing the groups at their web site.

The most fascinating story about the Gold Cup may involve Guadalupe, which is part of France and not a full-fledged FIFA member. Because of this, former French international Jocelyn Angloma has come out of retirement at age 41 to help them qualify. He has previously played in Euro 92 and Euro 96, as well as for Valencia. I assume he's gonna be at the final tournament as well. Really, they could have a pretty strong team if they recruited in French league.

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