Saturday, March 31, 2007

Take The MLS 2007 Survey!

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My goal here is to get a look at the state of the MLS fan base. Hence the first three approval/disapproval questions. There's 10 overall, including several on the always heated "Americanized vs traditional" debate. Results will be posted here on Friday, the day before the new season kicks off.

I was going to have questions on the results of the 2007 season, but fans will always be biased and we all know who the strong teams are. These are more fundamental issues and more interesting to take a look at.

Previously, I posted the results of the 2010 MLS/USMNT survey.

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Blogger ERic said ... (2:19 PM, April 03, 2007) : 

I'd've preferred an option of "I don't care" on the 'American' vs. 'Tradition' names.

I picked Traditional... but only because I was forced to choose. At this point, I'm getting to where I like them all... But as I've posted previously, I sure wish they'd KEEP the ones they have. No more rebranding.


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