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All Time Leading Goalscorer Timelines (Recap)

This post contains links to all four parts of the team goalscorer timelines. Who has held the record for each team, at every point in their history? These lists include every goal and not just the lead changes because technically, every goal scored by the record holder is a new record.

Part 1: CHI, COL, KC
Part 2: MIA, NY, SJ
Part 3: CHV, HOU, RSL, TB, TOR
Part 4: CLB, DAL, DC, LA, NE

Remember, these lists include all competitions and not just the regular season goals.


  • 62 players have held a team goalscoring record at one point or another (out of over 1,000 total). 32 of those have been American (about 60% of total players are American).
  • Of the 12 current American teams, 10 have their record held by an American. The only two that don't are DC (Jaime Moreno) and New York (Giovanni Savarese).
  • Of the 9 original teams still in the league, only two have seen their record change hands this decade: Columbus (Brian McBride, 2000) and New England (Taylor Twellman, 2004).
  • 6 teams have had 6 different record holders (CHI-CHV-LA-NE-SJ-TB), while Houston and New York have only had one.
  • 4 players have held the records for two different teams: Paul Bravo (SJ, COL), Frank Klopas (KC, CHI), Jason Kreis (DAL, RSL), and Ante Razov (CHI, CHV).
  • The top 5 overall goalscorers who have yet to hold a team record are Carlos Ruiz, Landon Donovan, Josh Wolff, Mark Chung, and Clint Mathis (2 away from Savarese).
Players who have held a team record

Aunger, Geoff NE
Baicher, Jeff SJ
Balboa, Marcelo COL
Bartlett, Shaun COL
Bravo, Paul SJ, COL
Cerritos, Ronald SJ
Ching, Brian HOU
Cienfuegos, Mauricio LA
Cuadros, Hector CHV
Cunningham, Jeff RSL
Diaz Arce, Raul DC
Dichio, Danny TOR
Dunseth, Brian RSL
Edu, Maurice TOR
Goldthwaite, Kevin TOR
Gutierrez, Henry MIA
Harbor, Jean COL
Henderson, Chris COL
Holocher, Paul SJ
Hurtado, Eduardo LA
Iroha, Ben SJ
John, Stern CLB
Johnston, Mo KC
Jones, Cobi LA
Keegan, Paul NE
Kerr, John DAL
Klopas, Frank KC, CHI
Kosecki, Roman CHI
Kotschau, Ritchie CHI
Kreis, Jason DAL, RSL
Kubik, Lubos CHI
Lassiter, Roy TB
Marino, Pete CLB
Martins, Thiago CHV
McBride, Brian CLB
McKinley, Ivan TB
Moore, Joe-Max NE
Moreno, Jaime DC
Naveda, Alberto NE
Noamouz, Arash LA
Nowak, Peter CHI
Palencia, Francisco CHV
Pittman, Steve TB
Preki KC
Rammel, Steve DC
Razov, Ante CHI, CHV
Rodriguez, Washington DAL
Romo, Isaac CHV
Salcedo, Jorge LA
Savarese, Giovanni NY
Sequeira, Douglas CHV
Serna, Diego MIA
Stebbins, Dan MIA
Takawira, Vitalis KC
Tamashiro, Jerry MIA
Twellman, Taylor NE
Ukrop, Robert NE
Valderrama, Carlos TB
Vasquez, Jose LA
Vasquez, Martin TB
Vaudreuil, David MIA
Viera, Diego TB
Wynalda, Eric SJ

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