Friday, May 18, 2007

The Bradley Announcement

Bob Bradley is not the man for the job. I said why I don't like this move back in December, and I still feel that way now. I see no way Bradley is a better pick than Jose Pekerman, or any similar coach. I also find this interestingl it's what Ives Galarcep has to say about people who don't like the Bradley move. I wrote this comment in response:

"The problem with Bradley is not that he's American, but that he was Arena's right hand man. Arena wasn't good enough, so why would someone who is his closest match do any better? If we go out in the first round again in 2010 with Bradley, it'll have been four wasted years due to this decision.

The very least we should expect is to make the round of 16."

I'd also like to say that Bradley has proven nothing so far. We always win friendlies. Those results did nothing to convince me. Can't say I didn't expect his appointment, though, due to those easy friendlies and the Gold Cup (which we should win every time). Meanwhile, Grant Wahl acts like he's done something amazing by beating Mexico and Ecuador. Bradley, A man who deserved better? Please. By being an interim manager he was in a no lose situation. Rebuilding team, friendlies, no expectations. However, I will agree that Gulati's handling of the search has been bad. I don't understand how Gulati has this power now as president, and yet he doesn't get a foreign coach like he wanted in 1998.

So what happens now? After Bruce Arena led us to the quarterfinals in 2002, he had a free pass through 2006. Bradley doesn't deserve the same long leash. The Gold Cup and the Copa America are coming up this summer. If we don't win the Gold Cup and make it out of the first round in the Copa America, then Bradley should have to start worrying. That's what I expect. I doubt we'll see a change before 2010 though, regardless of the results. So it'll all come down to three games in South Africa, and while the coach may be more of the same, the results better not be.

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