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2009 MLS Superdraft Order & Picks

Draft date: January 15th in Saint Louis. A few picks have been updated, so check it out. MLS should announce the actual order soon.

Draft Order Before Trades

(scroll down for actual order)

2 SJ
3 LA
6 DC
8 KC
10 NE
11 HOU
12 RSL
13 CHI
14 NY
15 CLB

Order is determined as follows: Seattle receives the #1 pick automatically as an expansion team. #2-7 go to non-playoff teams, #8-11 go to quarterfinalists, #12-13 go to semifinalists, and #14-15 go to the runner up and winner of MLS Cup 2008. Within each group, teams are ranked based on regular season record. Ties are broken the same way as the regular standings (head to head, then GD).

Top Prospects
  • Some other notable seniors who were hyped in the preseason include:
G Zack Simmons Massachusetts

D David Tyrie Central Conn. St.
D John Pardini Fordham
D Kevon Neaves South Florida
D Liam Parrington Hartwick

M Chris DeAbreau St. Peter's
M Chris Wright New Mexico
M Eric Sweetin Saint Louis
M Toni Stahl Connecticut
M Yan Klukowski Central Conn. St.

F Brad Peters Eastern Illinois
F O'Brian White Connecticut
  • In addition, there will be several underclassmen selected as Generation Adidas players. These players are the heart of the draft and will likely account for half of the first round picks. Buzz at 3rddegree has started his annual GA Tracking page, so check that for updates.

2009 MLS Superdraft Order

Round One

1 Seattle Sounders FC
2 Toronto FC
3 Los Angeles Galaxy
4 Toronto FC
5 FC Dallas
6 DC United
7 DC United
8 Kansas City Wizards
9 CD Chivas USA
10 New England Revolution
11 New York Red Bulls
12 Real Salt Lake
13 Toronto FC
14 FC Dallas
15 New England Revolution

Round Two

16 Seattle Sounders FC
17 San Jose Earthquakes
18 New York Red Bulls
19 CD Chivas USA
20 Colorado Rapids
21 DC United
22 Kansas City Wizards
23 Kansas City Wizards
24 New England Revolution
25 New England Revolution
26 DC United
27 FC Dallas
28 Chicago Fire
29 New York Red Bulls
30 Columbus Crew

Round Three

31 Seattle Sounders FC
32 San Jose Earthquakes
33 Los Angeles Galaxy
34 Toronto FC
35 Colorado Rapids
36 DC United
37 Los Angeles Galaxy
38 New England Revolution
39 Toronto FC
40 New England Revolution
41 Houston Dynamo
42 Kansas City Wizards
43 Chicago Fire
44 New York Red Bulls
45 Columbus Crew

Round Four

46 Seattle Sounders FC
47 Colorado Rapids
48 Los Angeles Galaxy
49 Los Angeles Galaxy
50 Kansas City Wizards
51 Colorado Rapids
52 Chicago Fire
53 Colorado Rapids
54 Real Salt Lake (?)
55 New England Revolution
56 Houston Dynamo
57 Real Salt Lake (?)
58 Chicago Fire
59 Colorado Rapids
60 Columbus Crew

Apparently RSL has the 54th pick, originally from Chivas. Can somebody find the trade where that happened? Also, Chicago may get one of RSL's picks in this round due to the Will Johnson trade.

Trade/Pick Movement List

Round 1

DAL has HOU's pick (via SJ, Alvarez, later traded to NY)
DAL has NY's pick (van den Bergh)
DC has COL's pick (C.Gomez)
NE has CLB's pick (Noonan)
NY has HOU's pick (via DAL, van den Bergh)
SJ has HOU's pick (Kamara, later traded to DAL)
TOR has SJ's pick (O'Brien)
TOR has CHI's pick (McBride)

Round 2

CHV has TOR's pick (Guevara)
COL has DAL's pick (Guarda)
DAL has RSL's pick (Cassar compensation)
DAL has LA's pick (Ruiz, later traded to NY)
DC has HOU's pick (Boswell, conditional)
KC has COL's pick (Burciaga)
LA has CHV's pick (Thomas, later traded to NE)
NE has CHV's pick (via LA, Franchino)
NY has LA's pick (via DAL, van den Bergh)

Chivas will get picks from Toronto in both 2009 and 2010 for Amado Guevara. According to Ridge Mahoney at Soccer America, they are guaranteed a first rounder out of the deal. Given that TFC has 3 first rounders this year, I would've thought that the 13th pick was going to Chivas. Apparently they'll be getting a second rounder this year instead.

Round 3

COL has DAL's pick (Guarda)
DAL has CHV's pick (Nunez, later traded to CHV)
KC has RSL's pick (Movsisyan)
LA has COL's pick (Harden)
NE has KC's pick (Cristman)
TOR has CHV's pick (via DAL, Cunningham)

Assuming the Harden pick is the 37th. Could be the 35th instead.

Round 4

CHI has COL's pick (Sanneh)
COL has DC's pick (international slot)
COL has KC's pick (H.Gomez)
COL has NY's pick (Mathis)
COL has SJ's pick (Gray/Kirovski)
LA has TOR's pick (Harmse)
KC has DAL's pick (international slot)

Rapids conditional pick for Mathis turns out to be a 4th rounder, no surprise there.


CHI has RSL's pick (W.Johnson)

The Fire are supposed to get at least a 4th rounder in the draft.

Total picks

CHI 4 picks 28, 43, 52, 58
CHV 2 picks 9, 19
CLB 3 picks 30, 45, 60
COL 6 picks 20, 35, 47, 51, 53, 59
DAL 3 picks 5, 14, 27
DC 5 picks 6, 7, 21, 26, 36
HOU 2 picks 41, 56
KC 5 picks 8, 22, 23, 42, 50
LA 5 picks 3, 33, 37, 48, 49
NE 7 picks 10, 15, 24, 25, 38, 40, 55
NY 4 picks 11, 18, 29, 44
RSL 3 picks 12, 54, 57
SEA 4 picks 1, 16, 31, 46
SJ 2 picks 17, 32
TOR 5 picks 2, 4, 13, 34, 39

Supplemental Draft

CLB has DAL's 1st round pick (international slot)
COL has (one of) KC's 1st round picks (H.Gomez, could be natural pick or RSL's)
LA has TOR's 1st round pick pick (Ruiz)
TOR has DC's 1st round pick (Zaher)
KC has RSL's 1st round pick (Movsisyan)

COL has RSL's 2nd round pick (Wingert)
LA has TOR's 2nd round pick pick (Ruiz)

COL has CLB's 3rd round pick (N.Hernandez)
DAL has SJ's 3rd round pick (Roberts)
NY has TOR's 3rd round pick (Freeman)

COL has NY's 4th round pick (Freeman)
LA has SJ's 4th round pick (M.Hatzke)
NY has RSL's 4th round pick (Rimando)
NY has TOR's 4th round pick (Freeman)

Comments on "2009 MLS Superdraft Order & Picks"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:12 PM, November 30, 2007) : 

Any young players coming in the 2008 draft that we should pay attention to?

I remember a UCLA player that played with the under-20 US squad, do you know how I'm talking about?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:08 PM, January 23, 2008) : 

kansas city got a 2009 pick from colorado for jose burciaga.


Anonymous Soccer Nets said ... (1:13 PM, March 07, 2008) : 

Yeah it was a great player !


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:35 AM, August 13, 2008) : 

Toronto gave away their first in the Cunningham deal,where Askardian was traded along with a first to Columbus Crew

Toronto only has two first rd picks from Chicago and San Jose


Blogger scaryice said ... (4:23 AM, August 14, 2008) : 

1. Toronto got Cunningham from RSL, not Columbus.

2. The pick was a 2008 first rounder.


Blogger GS-1 said ... (9:29 AM, September 09, 2008) : 

I appreciate your efforts on this page. You've been linked to so Sounders FC supporters can view your work.


Anonymous thomas said ... (1:26 PM, September 17, 2008) : 

It looks like the draft is decreasing in significance as MLS raises its level.

Academy development programs and intermediate leagues are providing the opportunity for players to show they have the ability to step up, so I expect the teams playing the better quality soccer to trading for allocations and other assorted bargaining chips.

Any thoughts on which players in USL will be hot property?

Concacaf CL has also shown some of the smaller regional leagues as a repository of untapped talent (such as Joe Public FC) - so which players will be desirable acquisitions in the off-season?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:55 PM, September 17, 2008) : 

Joshua Boateng from liberty University should be the man to watch out for in this 2009 MLS Superdraft. Midfielder who can score goals when he wants and gets in the attack with good feet and excellent soccer IQ...


Anonymous Zare said ... (4:37 PM, September 28, 2008) : 

Please if anyone can tell me how can I apply for the super draft if I am a player? I am in the college right now. Thank you very much!!!


Blogger scaryice said ... (7:12 PM, September 28, 2008) : 

You don't apply. The Superdraft is only for graduating seniors, except for a handful of Generation Adidas guys. Most of the players drafted will be invited to the combine. I believe teams have to submit lists of other players who they interested in for them to be eligible.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:16 AM, October 05, 2008) : 

I'm really excited to see what TFC will do, they have three first rounders and they need a defenceman,midfielder and another top quality forward, it should be interesting if Johnston will do. If he will keep his picks or trade one or two to get a top player.

If he's still with TFC in January


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:22 PM, October 14, 2008) : 

Watch Tulsa's GK Big kid I think may be better than Dominic Cervic was named to Soccer Drawer Team of the week this week


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:21 PM, October 27, 2008) : 

Jordan Graye (6'2 200lbs) kind of an under the radar player due to lack of playing time early at UNC. Speed, Power, and the technical ability to take on opponents from an outside defender. Wow!!


Blogger L.B. said ... (8:53 PM, October 31, 2008) : 

Funny thing you wrote to me. I have a post linking to your blog scheduled to run in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday. And then your post also rang a bell with me because I've been plagiarized as well. Guess I just dismissed it the first time or something... --- and ---


Blogger L.B. said ... (8:54 PM, October 31, 2008) : 

Oh, and of course, thank you for bringing it to my attention and for checking out my blog.


Blogger henryo said ... (10:05 AM, November 02, 2008) : 

1st sentence: "the top seven spots are locked", should it be "top-six"? :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:41 AM, November 06, 2008) : 

When is the MLS 2009 Combine?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:01 PM, November 07, 2008) : 

I think that Richard Jata from Campbell University should also be considered as a top prospect. He has started for the Carolina Dynamo the past two years, a team which also consists of Marcus Tracy and Sam Cronin.

His team also beat North Carolina the past three years in a row and he scored the game-winning goal in each of the last two.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:05 PM, November 07, 2008) : 

Richard Jata (MF) has also led Campbell University to a perfect 9-0 in the A-Sun conference and after starting 2-5, they have won their last 11 straight games.

Check out some of his goals via free kick on


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:52 PM, November 10, 2008) : 

Matt O'Shaughnessy (FGCU) kid is a big time talent but is definately flying under the radar becasue of school. Look for him as Generation Adidas player in 2010 draft.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:53 PM, November 22, 2008) : 

Jata is not a top prospect. At best, he'll be a rookie fighting to stay in camp.
I like his shot, but he really can't beat quality defenders on the dribble.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:36 AM, November 27, 2008) : 

What is your take on Zimka from N. illinois... solid keeper whos defense let him down this last season. holds the GAA and Save percentage NCAA records. 8 shutouts this year...looks to me like he will be a sleeper in this years draft


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:45 PM, November 29, 2008) : 

Is there any word on Steve Zakuani from Akron? Leads the nation in goals (20) and points (47). I have heard he wants to come out this year.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:22 AM, December 01, 2008) : 

Sam Charles,who played for the Colorado Rapids U23 team, led the team in goals (11) and points (24). Plays for MSU-Billings, but scored a hat-trick against the Rapids 1st team this past summer. Solid Prospect


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:52 AM, December 01, 2008) : 

Brian Perk ? Not after the season he's had, plus he's just a little guy. I think your looking past a lot of good keepers to get to the few you and SA have listed. You might want to look at Bush (Akron), Zimka (NIU),Chris Brown (Boston),Cain (Indiana),....lots of good one around this year.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:22 PM, December 02, 2008) : 

I heard that Patrick Murray from Furman may be in the top 10 this year.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:18 PM, December 02, 2008) : 

The University of Kentucky keeper Dan Williams is the best in C-USA and one of the best in the nation. I watched him play on television and live and he is dominate. He has the size, physical and mental strength. Williams is a great athlete. He played for the Des Moines Menace I believe and tore it up there too. He is one that should make it big. Anyone else know anything about him?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:59 PM, December 03, 2008) : 

Word is that Zakuani is leaving school early. Has English passport so Europe may be an option, but after leading the nation in scoring, MLS may want him too.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:37 PM, December 07, 2008) : 

there are some interesting prospects. arnoux from wake clearly looks like he is comfortable in any environment. he's not a senior, but very assertive. masters from uncg is an interesting prospect as well with size and very good understanding.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:35 PM, December 12, 2008) : 

Zakuani is pretty much


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:16 PM, January 04, 2009) : 

yan klukowski from central conneticut state... captained england at under 18's level. and has won countless accalades since moving to the US!


Blogger Platsam31 said ... (2:03 PM, January 07, 2009) : 

I'm always suprised at how little the big ten gets talked about. Has to be in the top 3 toughest conferences to play in, but never gets enough respect. I also dont think Michigan State get nearly enough credit this year. They ran through a strong big ten and none of their players are getting due respect. Doug Demartin is probably one of the best pure scorers with his balance and ability to finish around the net. Zac Scaffidi dominated the mid field all year long and does the dirty work on defense and around the net on offense with his ability to pass and finish. Dave Hertel plays great team defense with the ability to shut down the teams best attacker. He also has to be talked about as top 5 best attacking defender, the kid makes killer runs. All 3 of these guys should be locks for getting drafted and probably will be. I'm just suprised how little word gets out about them and their abilities.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:25 PM, January 15, 2009) : 

Ryan Maduro from Providence College is to me one of the best not talked prospects in College. The kid does it all. I'd take hime between 5th and 15th overall.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:12 PM, January 24, 2009) : 

I was wondering if anyone knows if they actually pick players from NCAA soccer division 3 for the draft?
Thank You


Blogger scaryice said ... (4:35 AM, January 26, 2009) : 

It's extremely rare. They usually invite one player each from D2, D3 and NAIA for the combine.

This year Ross Schunk (Redlands) was that guy, and he was drafted in the 4th round.


Anonymous RoseMontSoccer. PA said ... (9:48 AM, May 12, 2009) : 

Rodney Aguirre, Is one of the best quality soccer player I ever seen in NCAA college soccer division.One of the greatest finishers i have seen in a while. Some of the greatest players come out of D-3 schools its just thier grades wernt good enough to play in D-1. The draft needs to pay attention to more D-3 colleges.


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