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MLS Waiver Draft History

UPDATE, Post-2008: Latest draft now included.

MLS usually has two waiver drafts during the year, one just before the season starts and another just after the season ends. When searching for info online, I found that there wasn't one place to find out the results of each edition. So that's the rationale behind this post.

A few notes. As you can see, there are several drafts for which I cannot find any information. They may not have taken place at all. I also want to point out this link at the American Soccer History site, which mentions four players taken (probably in the pre-1997 draft). So if you have any info on that or any of the missing years, please post it here.

In early 2002 there were two drafts, while in 2003 a supplemental draft was held (where Brian Ching was selected by SJ). That's not the same thing as a waiver draft though, because while those players were without a team, they had signed with the league and were not waived recently (even though two of them had been previously). I must also mention that the way the MLS waiver system used to be was that there was a specific order for teams to claim players based on the recent records of the teams. If you claimed a player off waivers, then you went to the back of the line. That happened when you selected a player in the waiver draft as well. So really, it could be said that technically there were many, many waiver drafts throughout the years. But I don't have the patience to figure all that out.

The team listed is the one that picked the player listed. Definitely the best pick would have to be Waibel IMO. I've provided sources for the results, except in a few cases where I forgot to record the link.

11/8/1996 Greg Lalas New England Link

Pre 1997 ???

11/17/1997 Mark Dougherty Columbus Link

Bill Harte Columbus

Pre 1998 ???

11/2/1998 Shawn Medved New England Link

Joey Martinez San Jose

Harut Karapetyan Tampa Bay

Garth Lagerwey Colorado

Kris Kelderman New England

4/4/1999 Leighton O'Brien San Jose

Tony Kuhn New England


11/24/1999 Nino Da Silva New York Link

Gabe Eastman San Jose

Mario Gori Columbus

3/16/2000 Mark Dougherty New England Link

Adam Frye Los Angeles

11/3/2000 Francis Okaroh San Jose Link

Steve Armas Tampa Bay

Seth George Chicago

3/29/2001 Andy Williams New England Link

Ben Stafford DC United

11/19/2001 (no selections)

1/17/2002 Imad Baba Colorado Link

Chad McCarty Columbus

2/14/2002 Ivan McKinley DC United Link

Eric Wynalda Los Angeles

11/6/2002 Craig Waibel San Jose Link

Luchi Gonzalez Columbus

Billy Sleeth Colorado

Pre 2003 ???

11/25/2003 (no selections)

3/4/2004 (no selections)

Post 2004 ???

Pre 2005 ???

11/16/2005 (no selections)

11/21/2006 Eric Denton New York

3/5/2007 Jon Busch Toronto Link

Post 2007 (no selections)

3/4/2008 Brandon Prideaux Chicago

Jeff Curtin DC United

Kyle Brown Houston

Mike Petke
New York

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