Saturday, May 31, 2008

MLS: List of Teenage Goalscorers

Part 4 of a series of posts on the ages of MLS players.

Part 1 - Top 25 Oldest Players
Part 2 - Top 25 Oldest Debuts
Part 3 - Top 25 Youngest Players

This only concerns regular season matches:

Gaven, Eddie 20
Altidore, Josmer 15
Adu, Freddy 12
Magee, Mike 9
Quaranta, Santino 9
Donovan, Landon 7
Johnson, Eddie 7
Convey, Bobby 6
Mapp, Justin 6
Beasley, DaMarcus 5
Nunez, Ramon 5
Barclay, Devin 3
Movsisyan, Yura 3
Vaca, Joselito 3
Alvarez, Arturo 2
Flores, Jorge (2) 2
Ibrahim, Abbe 2
Mansally, Kenny 2
Nyassi, Sainey 2
Quintanilla, Eliseo 2
Watson, Jamie 2
Beckerman, Kyle 1
Bradley, Michael 1
Buddle, Edson 1
Capano, Craig 1
Corrales, Ramiro 1

Definitely something to watch out for this season as Altidore gets closer to this mark. Can he break it before a possible transfer? The other three active players are unlikely to make much of a mark on this list, as they'll turn 20 next year (the two Revs during the offseason).

You pretty much have to be a phenom to make it into the double digits. As you can see in the youngest players post (link above), only 17 guys have even debuted before the age of 18. So there's precious little time to earn playing time and break out, and then scoring is not that easy.

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